Ford has launched the EcoSport SE which is a special variant of the regular Ford EcoSport. Here is our review of the Ford EcoSport SE. Do check it out by clicking on the link below


Ford EcoSport SE has the biggest change on the exterior. It does not get a rear mounted spare wheel. Instead you get tyre puncture kit. There are no other changes on the exterior.

The design is quiet classic and butch. Also the EcoSport SE gets the ford logo at the rear where the wheel was mounted. There are some changes to the rear diffuser with a different skid plate.

Although the wheel is moved from the rear door the door still is side hinged. This makes it difficult to open in tight spots.


Interiors of the for EcoSport SE get slight changes. There are fabric seats on offer which are on the Titanium trim of the vehicle. The interior of the vehicle has solid build quality which is seen with Ford cars. Also with the inteiors there is only one downside with the Touchscreen which feels a bit dated.

Engine Specifications

There are 2 engines on offer from ford. Both are 1.5 litre engine in petrol and diesel fuel types. The SE variant comes in above the Titanium Diesel variant and then comes the S variant. The Diesel SE variant falls above the S petrol variant and the Diesel S variant makes for the top of the line variant of the Ford EcoSport.

Know more about the Ford EcoSport SE Review in the video


Prices of this car start from Rs 9.38 lakhs and go up to Rs 13.85 lakhs (on road) mumbai. Join our new WhatsApp update list by clicking here. For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane YoutubeGoogle NEWSFacebook and Twitter. We also have a paid car consultancy service for all your doubts – Know more before one of your largest investment.


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