2021 Suzuki Burgman is priced at Rs 1,06,679 (on-road Mumbai) and my brief period with it explained me why I would not mind spending that amount. I will take you through every aspect of the scooter which you as a owner might come across and also give my opinion on what I feel about these aspects.


Suzuki Burgman Side

In terms of dimensions the 2021 Suzuki Burgman looks a bit huge. The design of the scooter does not fall into the usual norms of scooters. The handle bar without the headlight gets some time getting used to but it does add to the benefit and I will explain you that in the riding experience part.

The bulk of the scooter is in the mid portion if you divide the scooter in 3 horizontal parts. At the front you have the big headlight unit then in the middle the big foot area and finally at the rear the storage and engine compartment have bigger dimensions than other scooters. These bigger dimension do add to other benefits which can be seen in the form of comfort and practicality.

Touch and Feel

The materials used for this scooter are good and have a good feel to them. They aren’t super premium but they do have some amount of cohesion to them. The seat has good padding and the contours for the rider give some amount of back support. There are no sharp edges to the plastics any where and the fibre body panels with matte paint look really good. They do pick up scratches easily.

Key Burgman

The grips and the handle bar materials are good enough and have a feel which is good. The brake levers are wide and have a good feel for action.

The place where you keep you feet is spacious and it does get 2 positions for you to keep your feet. Overall I would rate the feel of this scooter a 4 out of 5 as it feels well put together.

Practicality at its Best

Scooter are practical but the 2021 Suzuki Burgman seems to take it to next level. It’s not just the storage but a lot of small bits like the front pockets on the apron and the charging port placed next to it. The light in the boot and the seat release from the front key tumbler are small things but they add to the little convenience that is required when in hurry.

Also the bluetooth function on this 2021 Suzuki Burgman is one of the most sensible bluetooth units I have seen on any scooter. It offers navigation and phone notifications. You just need to connect your phone and forget. Also it connects seamlessly which is a blessing.

You will want to ride this!

The scooter is powered by the same 125cc engine as on the Suzuki Access. The engine is peppy and you don’t feel the weight bogging you down. Also it is not jerky at slow speeds and picks up pace fast. You can do a comfortable speed of 60 km/h on the highway and take it further to 100 km/h if you want. The small wheels and soft suspension does not give the best feeling when riding fast but it is not meant to take corners.

Suzuki Burgman Side

It soaks up bumps with the same soft suspension and makes it a pleasurable ride in the city. Also the Suzuki Burgman pretty comfortable with a pillion too. The seat is comfortable and wide and foot position is neither too cramped or stretched. The grab handle is bold and chunky.

The illumination at night but the headlight controls seem a bit oddly positioned. There is no problem of heating on this scooter even when you ride for full throttle for a while.

So as you can see that the Suzuki Burgman does not offer anything extraordinary but it does enhance everything that it offers. At the above mentioned price if you look at the rivals they do have quirky bits but not all of them offers practicality that the Suzuki Burgman Offers.

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