If you thought petrol engines and SUVs don’t match together, think again. Continue reading this article to find out many unspoken facts about the CR-V. The car has been driven continuously for around 1 month and 2000kms. Find out below about the Long Term Review of the Honda CR-V Petrol.

More about the SUV

Honda CRV front

For such a hefty price, every competitor provides all the goodies you can expect with a car. All of Honda CR-V’s rivals are quite established in their segment. The Honda CR-V build quality and overall fit and finish make the car stand apart from the competition. The best thing about this SUV is the seat support and comfort.  You will never tire out of long journeys due to the perfect seating position and comfort.

Honda CRV Headlights

Five passengers can comfortably sit in the car. The huge panoramic sunroof is also an eye-catcher with the Honda CR-V petrol. This SUV is quite good for the urban environment and city traffic. There are no issues with the visibility of the SUV.


Honda CRV Interiors

If you thought petrol engines do not give adequate mileage, you are wrong.  The Honda CR-V petrol with normal driving returns around 10kmpl in city and highway mileage around 12kmpl.  Both these figures are helped a lot by CVT transmission and are quite impressive for its segment/price. Other competitors provide similar fuel efficiency figures with Diesel engines.

Honda CRV Petrol Rear

The petrol engine is also easy to maintain and lasts longer with great refinement. This car feels a segment above purely due to its comfort, convenience and ease of driving.  You also have a camera on the left side ORVM which provides an output on the touchscreen. Do watch our video to get in-depth information on the same.


Honda CRV Tail Lamps

Car-buyers who need an SUV but do not require a Diesel engine due to low driving range should prefer this car.  The Honda CR-V promises luxury at an affordable price.  This is a great product for its price.  Honda discontinued the Diesel variant after BS6. The Honda CR-V Petrol  5-seater costs Rs.28.27 lakh.  You get style/statement with this car and not a box with wheels.

Honda CRV rear2

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