The Yamaha MT-15 is a streetfighter version of the Yamaha R15 V3. Both these bikes recently got a BS6 update and that gave them new paint schemes. This article will be a complete review of the bike and also explain why the pricing feels expensive at first glance but how it makes sense in the long term.

Yamaha MT- 15 Overview

The Yamaha MT-15 is the pinnacle of the 150cc segment in India. The bike has a 155cc liquid-cooled engine. It produced a power of close to 18.9 BHP in the BS6 compliant engine. If you have got a deal for the BS4 version then it will make slightly poorer. Although this might not make much of a difference in the feel of the bike it is good to know the fact. This bike gets radial tyre at the rear and the bike has MRF tyres. The bike is based on Yamaha’s delta box frame which is a type of perimeter frame. The design of this bike is inspired by that of the Yamaha MT09 and it looks like a mini version of it. Lastly, this bike is priced at Rs 1.39 lakhs. Let’s take each of these points and see why buying this bike makes sense in the long run.

Price – Expensive but Explained

The price of the Yamaha MT 15 is the most debated part of the bike. The bike is priced at Rs 1.39 lakhs for the BS6 version. Firstly the bike offers a great racing setup with a radial tyre at the rear. The engine is pretty advanced and the bike is way ahead of the other 150cc bikes in the segment. The fit finish and the quality of the product is top-notch and the switched feel sturdy and good quality. The components on this bike are similar to that of the Yamaha R15 V3. All that this bike misses is on a dual-channel ABS which is a good thing as it offers modularity. Secondly, Yamaha offers 2 bikes in one package. If you want to know more on this read the technology part.

Technology – Yamaha’s Best

The bike gets the best that Yamaha has to offer in India. The variable valve actuation of VVA as the company calls, it is a technology that makes this bike into 2 bikes. The VVA gives a good top end, as well as a low end in the rev range, is strong too. The VVA could be said as an instant upgrade to a bigger bike. So when riding in the city the bike behaves like a normal 150cc commuter. There is a good amount of low-end torque to move in stop and go traffic. Also, the clutch gets slip and assist. This makes it extremely light and you can just move in traffic with clutch movement. As you hit the highway the bike can pull in almost till 12000 rpm in each gear. This is a great thing as it gives a good amount of acceleration. The VVA technology is completely mechanical and it does not feel instant. The whole process is gradual and it comes in a linear manner.


Secondly, the slipper clutch comes handy for beginners while downshifting. It does not lock up the rear wheel in extreme downshifts. As a whole, you have a daily commuter which can filter through traffic without effort and gives a decent mileage if driven at city speeds. But it also has the power to gobble up miles if you want to go highway cruising.

Handling – Not for a beginner

The electronics of the vehicle are not fancy. The single-channel ABS on the bike prohibits stories but you can lock up the rear wheel and have some supermoto fun. The bike is light and nimble and one can flick it through corners. The rear sprocket is 4 teeth larger than the one on R15 and the bike can do power wheelies if the clutch is tuned properly. The rake is also sharper and the bike has the smallest turning radius. But getting used to the slipper clutch is a matter of personal opinion as it sometimes gives sudden power to the wheel. Definitely this bike is not a beginner bike and can be a good option for someone who is moving from a 125cc or a scooter.

Yamaha MT-15 engine

Design – Mini MT-09

The design of the bike is extremely sharp. It feels aggressive from a standstill. It also gets a good amount of attention in the parking lot as Ill as stands out. Even in the rearview mirror the bike looks sinister and has aggression in its looks more than the performance. The bike is offered in 3 colours and the vermilion Fluro White is the most striking one. I expect that the midnight matt blue also arrives with Neon green alloys which will be one of the most shouting colours. The matte finish on the bike looks premium and I would recommend you to go for the matte as it does not pick up smudges and you can go for a longer time without a wash. Overall the bike has a very little bodywork and there isn’t much of the bike that is of the colour that you select and the bike is overall towards the shade of black. The engine isn’t all that exposed and is silver in colours. The radiator is mounted Ill above the wheel and you don’t have to worry about the stray rocks from the front wheel that can damage it.

Comfort – Good for City

The ergonomics of this bike are good. The seating position is upright and the handlebars are upright. The bars are a bit wider than other commuters. The seat height might seem intimidating at first at 810mm but this might be easy to manage as the bike is slim and weighs very light at 138 kgs. The seat, on the other hand, is an issue as it is very thin. There is very less cushion on the seat. This might cause discomfort on long highway stretches. The footpegs are slightly rear set and they seem to cause some inconvenience on long rides. Still, this is better than the ergonomics on the Yamaha R15. The pillion seat, on the other hand, is very small. The grab handles are forward set and this might be good but there is no space for a pillion to move around.

The mounting points on the bike are also less and this bike will require a saddle stay to mount luggage. The tank is also fibre and it will not take a magnetic tank bag. Lastly, there is no wind protection on this bike. This although is not a problem in the city it might be some problem while on the highway. The bike is capable of doing speeds above 100 km/h but the wind fatigue is unavoidable after a long day in the saddle.

Mileage – a Choice

The mileage is the only thing that you might be ready for. So the bike gives a dynamic mileage of 39 to 50 km/l. If you drive it between 4000 to 6000 rpm you get a good mileage of 50 km/l but if you keep revving at high rpm then the mileage might drop to 39 km/l. The maintenance of the bike is also not a problem as Yamaha provides 5 services free of labour charges. I will be soon making a long term report on the service of the Yamaha MT-15.

An All-rounder with flaws

To sum up, this bike would be to say that this bike has a bit of everything but it has flaws. The bike has good ergonomics but it has a bad seat. The performance is good but a 250cc would have been much better. The engine is in a beginner segment but the bike is not for beginners. What I mean to say is this bike does a little bit of everything but there is a flaw in everything. Now the choice is up to you whether you want to buy this or spend some more and go to the next segment.


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  • my neme is nitin malviy yamaha mt 15

  • I feel in love the MT-15 as the moment i saw it.
    The price is too heavy, so have shut my emotions down to purchasing it.

    Yamaha should honestly, give it a proper cost value