The 3rd row dilemma is real. There are cars with great amount of headroom, legroom, thigh support and usable spaces. But there are few cars which can apply all of that in the last; extra row. Some of these cars are big SUVs. But let’s talk about the MUV segment which has seen the latest entrant in the form of the Mahindra Marazzo. The car has entered a segment where adequate power, excellent ride and a certain amount of features are necessary for the customer to consider buying that car. The Marazzo is going to battle directly with the Tata Hexa and the segment king, the Toyota Innova Crysta. In this detailed comparison we find out which car among the three is best.

Mahindra Marazzo Vs Tata Hexa Vs Toyota Innova Crysta

Mahindra Marazzo Vs Tata Hexa Vs Toyota Innova Crysta Price

This first comparison factor is price. And between these 3 cars, the price difference is substantial. The Marazzo starts at Rs 9.99 lakhs (ex-showroom) and goes up to Rs 13.9 lakhs for its top variant. The Tata Hexa starts from Rs 12.58 lakhs and goes up to Rs 17.99 lakhs. This is the only car in the segment to offer AWD/4WD. Next we come to the Innova Crysta. This is the only car in the segment which offers a petrol engine. The Toyota Innova Crysta starts at Rs 14.63 Lakhs and goes up to Rs 23.04 Lakhs. The petrol Innova Crysta price starts at Rs 14.63 Lakhs. The diesel Innova Crysta price starts at Rs 15.75 Lakhs. Check out the table below for a detailed breakdown of the individual cars variants.

Mahindra Marazzo PriceTata HexaPriceToyota InnovaPrice
M2 7 STRRs 9.99 lakhsXE 4×2 7 STRRs 12.58 Lakhs2.7 GX 7 STRRs 14.63 Lakhs
M2 8 STRRs 10.04 lakhsXM 4×2 7 STRRs 14.15 Lakhs2.7 GX 8 STRRs 4.68 Lakhs
M4 7 STRRs 10.54 lakhsXM+ 4×2 7 STRRs 15.24 Lakhs2.4 GX 7 STRRs 15.75 Lakhs
M4 8 STRRs 11 lakhsXMA 4×2 7 STRRs 15.37 Lakhs2.4 GX 8 STR Rs 15.8 Lakhs
M6 7 STRRs 12.4 lakhsXT 4×2 7 STR Rs 16.68 Lakhs2.7 GX AT 7 STR Rs 15.85 Lakhs
M6 8 STRRs 12.45 lakhsXT 4×2 6 STR Rs 16.68 Lakhs2.7 GX AT 8 STRRs 15.9 Lakhs
M8Rs 13.9 lakhsXTA 4×2 7 STRRs 17.83 Lakhs2.8 GX AT 7 STRRs 17.16 Lakhs
XTA 4×2 6 STRRs 17.83 Lakhs2.8 GX AT 8 STRRs 17.21 Lakhs
XT 4×4 7 STRRs 17.99 Lakhs2.7 VX 7 STRRs 17.71 Lakhs
XT 4×4 6 STRRs 17.99 LakhsTouring Sport Petrol MTRs 18.57 Lakhs
2.4 VX 7 STR Rs 18.83 Lakhs
2.4 VX 8 STRRs 18.88 Lakhs
Touring Sport Diesel MTRs 20.54 Lakhs
2.7 ZX AT 7 STRRs 20.67 Lakhs
2.4 ZX 7 STR Rs 20.68 Lakhs
Touring Sport Petrol ATRs 21.36 Lakhs
2.8 ZX AT 7 STR Rs 21.98 Lakhs
Touring Sport Diesel ATRs 23.04 Lakhs

*(All prices are Ex-Showroom)


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Mahindra Marazzo Vs Tata Hexa Vs Toyota Innova Crysta Design

Design as we have always said is a very subjective matter. Let’s talk about the Marazzo first. The car is inspired from the animal kingdom’s shark. Its taillights, grille and shark fin antenna do the job of showcasing that detail. The car is a I must say has a great stance with the 16-inch alloys look great. The car with the most spot on stance is the Hexa. I’m not a fan of preposterously big wheels seen on concept cars but the Hexa’s 19-inch alloys had me say “Hello beautiful”. Lastly, we come to the Innova Crysta. The car is not a looker like the Hexa and the Marazzo. It’s simple, clean and carries a dignified air about it. All cars get daytime-running-LEDs and projector headlamps. The Marazzo even though is the smallest of the lot does seem to look part of the big MUV gang. But in all honesty, the Hexa with its big wheels and daunting stance is the best of the lot. Its glass area and body ratio is just correct. The design of the Tata Hexa just makes it stand out in the overall 7 seater segment.

Mahindra Marazzo Vs Tata Hexa Vs Toyota Innova Crysta

Mahindra Marazzo Vs Tata Hexa Vs Toyota Innova Crysta Interior

The part of car where we will spend most of our time. The car with the most amount of space. The most amount of comfort and utility is the clear winner in this comparison. Let’s start with the new kid on the block. Let’s get into the Mahindra Marazzo M8-top variant. The dashboard has a nice look to it. There is a big touchscreen that has all the entertainment options with Android Auto too. The seats in the front and back are very comfortable especially for long drives as they are on the firmer side of the cushioning. The instrument cluster with its purple accents is fresh and nice. If you see our detailed video below, even the last row is not bad. There are many smart storage spaces and there is a comfortable and very large storage unit in the center console which has cup holders and can be covered. And before we move on, we have to talk about this cars segment first feature which is its AC unit for the second and third row. Mahinda has introduced surround cooling with this car. The AC has normal blower system and an air dispersal system.

Moving to the Innova Crysta, the comfort king. This car is really the industry benchmark when it comes to comfort but more on that later. First, the equipment on offer in the Innova is substantially more and the space too. There are large door pockets, the storage under the armrest is sufficient too. The dashboard has a very neat and clean layout. There is almost every kind of display a driver would want or need. The ambient lighting on the rear AC vents look cool. Since we are considering the top variants of the respective cars with the Innova the second row is the most comfortable of the lot. The front row, ergonomics, driver seat, driver visibility and position of the Tata Hexa is far superior. That all said the Innova’s third row is as good as and a little bit better than the Marazzo and way better than the Hexa.

Coming to the Hexa lastly, it’s the biggest and heaviest here. You climb aboard this car and you are instantly the lord of all you survey. The drivers sits in a very commanding position with him so do the passengers in the second row which is just as tall. With the 19 inch tyres on the ladder frame body, this thing just dominates. Coming back to the interior, it’s a leather and plastic cocktail with a few hexa badges here and there. The infotainment screen is useless  in its touch setting. Saving it’s grace is the banging JBL system with a sub-woofer on the boot door. The car gets rear AC vents on the side pillers and the middle and cooling in the Hexa is quick. The car gets a lot of storage bins and the captain seats in the second row are very good but lack the support and comfort of the Innova. The third row is entirely not at all usable. It is good for short journey and children but nowhere as near as good like the Innova.

Mahindra Marazzo Vs Tata Hexa Vs Toyota Innova Crysta Ride and Handling

The most important test of them all. Let’s again start with the Marazzo. This body-on-ladder MPV uses a transverse engine layout with front wheel drive. The 1.5-litre engine making 122bhp and 300Nm of torque paired to a six-speed gearbox is great. The car boasts the best NVH levels in the cabin and it’s true. While idling you hardly notice the engine and on the highway the noise from the road is the one that is more audible. The clutch is very soft and smooth, the acceleration is very liner and prompt with less lag than other cars in Mahindra’s stable especially with an accelerator pedal that has very short travel. The ride over bumpy roads is easy and fine. Potholes do tests its patience and it would be easier to navigate this car around them. The rest is fine. The steering is light. You will not be attacking corners in this car but attacking that gap in traffic will be a breeze. That said the car can change lanes and dart in the direction of your choice quite nimbly. It feels more compact than the other two cars here and going fast without the feeling of a heavy body results in a relaxed drive.

Mahindra Marazzo Front

The Innova Crysta with it’s rear wheel drivetrain is better to drive. The power available on tap is more. The 172bhp of power with the 360Nm of torques to back it up makes a huge difference. The Innova has the power advantage for sure. The Marazzo does struggle at low rpm. The Innova can pull away on incline and hilly terrain using the might of it’s tall third gear. The Marazzo on the other hand as it happens to be with its tall 5th gear is a far more relaxed highway cruiser. The Innova’s handling is not as great as the Marazzo too. The Innova on bad roads does seem to be troubled more with body roll. That said, it can hit potholes and go through them with more confidence than the Marazzo.

Toyota innova Crysta Front

Last but not the least is the Tata Hexa. We have since this cars release taken it to various terrains and various environments or testing. The engine make 154bhp and 400Nm of twisting force, the 4×4 means more capability to go anywhere, the 19-inch tyres with a 235/60 section mean that most bumps and potholes are either flattened or quietly skipped over and at 200mm of ground clearance the broken roads or no existance roads is not a problem. The Hexa can do all of this while keep it’s occupants safe with 6 airbags and full comfort. The car reacts well to steering inputs and is not afraid to throw its weight in to a sweeping corner. In the end I would only like to add one point that the Marazzo’s engine refinement is far better than the Hexa and the Innova.

Tata Hexa front

Mahindra Marazzo Vs Tata Hexa Vs Toyota Innova Crysta Verdict

These cars have their own benefits, merits and high points. But it’s time to choose a definitive winner. So with price and all the other factors discussed above the winner of this comparison is the Tata Hexa. It’s right in the middle of both the other cars in terms of price. And actually gets more kit than the Mahindra Marazzo even if you take the XM or XMA variant where you will have to pay a little bit more and get almost all the feature plus an automatic gearbox. The Innova is a great car and if you budget extends till that price point there is no better car. But if you are looking for the best capability and best value for money product, the Tata Hexa sweeps the floor with the other two.

Tata Hexa Side

Mahindra Marazzo Vs Tata Hexa Vs Toyota Innova Crysta Video


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