We are generally asked to think out of the box! But what if you think and utilise the box itself. Experimenting means lesser success, but there is no harm in trying something new on a tried-and-tested product. Mercedes-Benz did some box thinking, which could be a new term better than out-of-the-box thinking. When the world thought that Mercedes-Benz should now put an end to the Gelandwagen, the Stuttgart-based automaker turned the tables around and showed what can be achieved with the same G, which some called it boxy. So what is the Mercedes G63 AMG?

The G-wagen is characterized by its boxy styling and body-on-frame construction. It uses three fully locking differentials, one of the few vehicles to have such a feature. Despite the introduction of an intended replacement, the unibody SUV Mercedes Benz GL-Class in 2006, the G-Class is still in production and is one of the longest produced Mercedes Benz in Daimler’s history, with a span of 38 years,  only the Unimog surpasses it. Now, we have the G63 AMG version of the Gelande Wagen. What is the Mercedes G63 AMG all about? We tell you in our review

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Mercedes G63 AMG Design

Mercedes G63 AMG

If the appearance of a vehicle hardly changes for almost four decades, yet its popularity remains unbroken, the manufacturer has done everything right. The G class is such a stroke of luck: its design demonstrates timeless distinction. The Mercedes AMG G63 is a part of this tradition, setting its own accents with subtle design modifications. Its face is characterized by the AMG radiator grille, as well as prominent bumpers with large air intakes. Another feature that is characteristic for the AMG model is the fender flares. Stainless steel running boards and protective strips on the sides containing inserts with a brushed aluminum look complement the exclusive exterior.

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG-57

Other signs of distinction are the “V8 BITURBO” lettering on the front fenders and the Mercedes AMG G 63 nameplate on the rear door. Red brake calipers and the 20-inch wheels round off the expressive exterior. This SUV is boxy, absolutely not aerodynamic and be used as a battering ram on other vehicles. The indicators on top of the front fender. When was the last time you saw this. They still managed to put a LED DRLs strip below the headlamps. This looks more like the armoured cars than a daily use one. Even the exhaust pipes is exclusive where you have twin pipes on each sides of the car below the side steps. Now that is an out of the box thinking design.

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG splash

The G63 AMG looks different from anything on the road, with its boxy, old-school design. However, the Alien Green colour looks fabulous in real and livelier than what it appears in the pictures. The matte-black five spoke 20-inch alloy wheels and the carbon fibre ORVMs compliment the looks very well. This SUV is big, tall and quite intimidating. Open the door and feels as if you have opened a bank vault, such is the build.

The G63 is a ladder frame chassis, hence the cabin is pretty high and even if you are six feet tall,  you need to use the footboard as a step to climb in and settle into its superbly contoured seats. The seating provides a commanding position and has excellent all round visibility, except for the rear. The space inside is average.

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Mercedes G63 AMG Interior

Driving through rough terrain does not have to require giving up on luxury. On the contrary: the Mercedes-AMG G 63 turns any terrain into a sophisticated driving experience. A large part of this is played by the interior. It impresses you with high-quality fittings and extravagant accents that reflect the performance of the Mercedes-AMG G 63. On entering, white illuminated door sill panels made of stainless steel with AMG lettering deliver the greeting.

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG interior

The leather-clad gearshift stands out, as does the newly designed dashboard with the AMG instrument cluster which has a 260 km/h display and welcomes you with an AMG start-up screen. A large, center-mounted color display is part of the COMAND system, with a multiple DVD player and a COMAND controller. This new generation in infotainment includes internet access, Mercedes-Benz Apps and navigation with other features. The Nappa leather on the seats is extremely soft and give a very exclusive premium feel. The seats are a bit flat and stiff but that is part and parcel of the hardcore off roader that it is. The rear seats are high too and give a theatre effect to passengers.

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG steering

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Mercedes G63 AMG Colours

The colours available for the G63 are

  • Obsidian Black
  • Periclase Green
  • Polar White
  • Indium Grey
  • Citrine Brown
  • Magnetite Black
  • Iridium Silver
  • Diamond Silver

Mercedes has provided a host of colour options and yes there is a black and this Mammoth looks absolutely amazing. The most prefered colours for the G63 is the black or white.

There is also a special edition for the G 63 AMG called the Crazy Colour Editions it combines Obsidian Black roof and mirrors with body of the below mentioned colours

  • Solar Beam
  • Sunset Beam
  • Alien Green


Mercedes G63 AMG Engine

The massive 5.5 litres Biturbo engine generates a enormous 572 hp and a whopping 720 Nm torque that is supercar specs. This absolutely non aerodynamic SUV does a 0-100 in just 5.4 sec. Unlike the other current AMG’s the G 63 still used the older 7G-Tronic Plus. The acceleration is excellent, the issue with this gearbox is during deceleration. There is a delay in downshifts. It does create a small panic situation but can be handled as this car is kind of indestructible. Despite its large proportions the G.Class manages a top speed of 210 Km/h.

Mercedes G63 AMG -46

Mercedes G63 AMG Specifications

VariantG 63 AMG
Engine5461 cc
Power572 hp @ 5500 rpm
Torque720 Nm @ 2000-5000 rpm
Transmission7G-Tronic Plus
Top Speed210 km/h
0-100 km/h5.4 sec

Mercedes G63 AMG Ride and Handling

Just because the G 63 has the engine specs of a supercar do not expect this to handle the same way. The car is high so there would be body roll , and also the stiff suspension is meant more to take on the rough terrain and still manage to be able to do high speeds. This is one of the few SUVs with three differential lock which lock completely. Whether it is slush or rocks or smooth tarmac or your neighbour’s car who pisses you off, the G 63 can take on all with ease. Forget other cars even trucks and buses get out of the way. The steering is stiff, but that provides better high speed stability. The acceleration is quite responsive and the G 63 shoots forward with ease.


Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG motion

The new AMG high-performance brakes deliver top performance in terms of deceleration, adjustable feed and endurance. All-round ventilated, perforated brake discs with dimensions of 375 x 36 millimetres at the front and 330 x 20 millimetres at the rear provide optimum thermal capability and outstanding deceleration values. I was hoping for the 9G-Tronic system but may be we will get to see it in the upcoming new G 63 AMG.

Mercedes G63 AMG Price

VariantOn-Road Delhi
G 63 AMGINR 2,37,57,789
G 63 AMG Crazy Colour EditionINR 2,45,32,947



Buying the G63 AMG would be a ‘decision’, whether good or bad doesn’t matter. With all the stuff it has loaded itself with and the retail price it has, the list of buyers will be limited. It’s not just the vehicle, but a heritage that one will own. Anyways you are going to procure something that makes you happy and will get you noticed. We believe this is the SUV one needs to buy if at all you get anything at two and a half crores.

Mercedes G63 AMG Images



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