The Ford Fiesta has just come into our long-term fleet and this is one sedan that I was waiting to get my hands on to. The reason for it being, the sheer joy of driving. I have driven the old Fiesta, the Classic and the Ecosport for a long distance and this was one reason why I was looking forward to driving it. The facelift version of the Fiesta follows the Kinetic Design 2.0 styling and it just looks stunning. The brown colour of the press demonstrator we got is just fabulous.

Things that really impressed me, was the new front grille, piano black colour console, finally a push-start and stop. The simple reasons why I have always liked the Fiesta are brilliant stowage space, super light steering wheel, features to get all the technology lovers happy (there is voice command, USB, aux and Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control and reverse parking sensors). These aspects are retained on the Fiesta.


The Fiesta isn’t the most feature-loaded sedan, but what makes it impressive is how it feels when you step into the cabin. The simple ergonomics and the comfortable seats. This is what makes the Fiesta special! This is what I have liked about it. The car has just got in our fleet and there are many important aspects that have to be covered. Despite my liking towards Ford, the story won’t be biased at all and we shall be reporting the true facts about it.


The space for the front row is just ideal, large and comfortable seats. Easy ingress and egress (entry and exit) and even good back and thigh support. Move into the second row, and you shall be disappointed. The knee-room is tight, the thigh-support is just fine and even the seats aren’t as comfortable as the front ones. The Fiesta is clearly the car to be mostly used by two people who frequently use the boot.


The engine of the Fiesta is the same, however it has been retuned with the same power ratings for better drivability and mileage. This is clearly visible. The Fiesta even in bumper-to-bumper city traffic returns about 12.5km/l and in city and inter-city highway driving the efficiency jumps up to 14.5km/l. This is a good mix. The engine doesn’t seem to struggle at low engine rpm and this makes it easy to drive in the city. The clutch is a bit heavy, but that isn’t a major worry even after driving in the city traffic for an entire week. More coming up in the next report, where we shall be taking it for a highway drive.



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