Audi has never let their customers down when it comes to the world of luxury, let it be the A4 or the Q7, what remains common is the Gorgeous styling, ‘A’ class comfort and Limitless luxury. Similarly the A4 that we drove today pampered us throughout.

The existing A4 has graceful exteriors. The slim and sharp daytime LED lights look quite impressing and appealing at the front. The typical Audi grill and the Audi emblem look big and bold. The side profile flows smoothly right till the back. The rear also holds a straight line of dotted LED bulbs. The in built spoiler at the back makes the car look young and sporty.

As usual the Audi Team has mastered the skill to impress others by its charming interiors. The cabin looks loaded with plenty of buttons recruited to control its machine. A4 posses a small driver oriented LCD screen which displays all the media, vehicle dynamics and air conditioning functions. A4 also has an option of route guidance, which means a navigation system. Some other features included are the Audi Multimedia system, which has a 6-disc changer with auxiliary and Bluetooth facility. The reverse parking camera ease the task of parking the vehicle in cramped areas of the city. The red color ambient lighting and chrome facets make the passenger at the front feel plush and premium. The entire cabin is wrapped with premium leather upholstery. Coming to the cabin space, A4 has perfect blend of space, comfort and luxury at the back with auto climatic air conditioning. The driver seat is also well adapted for long distance. Overall the cabin feels fresh, airy and premium to sit in.


Audi A4 22

The Audi A4 is available with two engine options, the 1.8 litre TFSI petrol, a 2.0 litre TDI diesel engine. We got a chance to grip our hands on the 2.0- litre diesel, which now produces 174bhp of torque, exactly 35bhp, more than its predecessor. That means now the Audi A4 is more punchy and peppy to drive. The eight-speed CVT transmission does a good job for it to keep it free to rev and boost more of adrenalin into the driver’s blood than before. It posses four driving modes: Auto, Dynamic, Sports and Individual. The best mode to keep rolling without any hurdles on a wide stretch of road is the Dynamic. But to be more practical and economical, the Auto mode will be ideal one to drive in. The A4 did not really impress me even after tuning the engine to produce more power than the older model as you still can not feel that kind of a power rushing through the gas pipe which might bring a smile on your face. The car still feels a little sluggish and feels best when kept in mid-range. I would rather tag this car as a cruiser than a racer.


The best part of driving the A4, rather I would say any Audi, is its unbeatable ride quality and also its up to the mark handling. The car feels absolutely stable at high speeds; in fact one does not realize the speed due its high insulation from the outside world. The A4 soaks up the potholes so effortlessly that you hardly feel anything while going over it. The steering wheel is well balanced to keep you connected to the road all the time. The only downside of the steering wheel is its size; somehow we felt it to be slightly big to grip your hands on it. Rest everything worked well as far as the ride and handling was concerned. In short I would say that A4 would be an ideal car for cruising long distance without any fatigue. One feels relaxed and comfortable while driving the car on highways as the cabin is well insulated and also the speed is not at all felt by the driver thus keeping him calm and not aggressive like the BMWs.


Overall, I had a very good driving and comfort experience in the A4 with not many intentions to push the car neither drive with aggression as it keeps you so calm with its phenomenal cruising abilities. This car is a perfect match for those who wish to just need comfort, styling and luxury, being one of a kind in its segment. In today’s market A4 faces a very tough competition from the Mercedes C-Class and also the BMW 3 Series. The Audi A4 will cost you approximately Rs 45 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai) being cheaper than the Mercedes C-Class and a bit expensive than the BMW 3 Series. This is an expensive affair, as competition have priced their sedans more aggressively.



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