Bengaluru’s Zakir Khan has built a chopper bike which is supposedly one of the longest motorcycles in the world. With a length of 13 feet, this mammoth machine is a head turner wherever it goes. Read further to know about one of the longest bikes in the world, built in India.

Riding a 13-foot-long bike on roads which are full of traffic must be quite a nightmare. Zakir is an interior designer by profession and has showcased his chopper bike at an event in Bengaluru. The bike is 5.5 feet wide and looks massive.

It took a month and a half to build this bike and  has costed around Rs.7.5 lakhs. The bike uses a 220cc engine, from the Bajaj Avenger and it powers the rear wheel. The engine has been modified to deliver more power and torque. The top speed of the bike is 120km/hr. The chassis has been customised to handle this speed and also be stable. The long wheelbase does not pose a problem in straight line stability, though.

longest chopper bike 2

Fitted with 6 feet long forks, the rake is huge. This gives the bike a phenomenal stance and it also looks intimidating as well. It has a mini-truck tyre at the rear. The bike has build on a budget and uses a few parts from the Bajaj Avenger. Coloured in a camouflage theme, this bike is unlike anything one will ever see on the road.

Customized motorcycles are getting more and more popular in the country. People are also engaging in it as a profession. Not only hobby bikers but many regular bikers too get custom jobs done to their everyday motorcycles. It also adds a flavour of individuality to the bike. Nowadays there are quite a few unique motorcycles being built. Recently Avantura Choppers, and Indian company has also introduced two chopper bikes in India which will be priced around Rs. 25 lakhs.


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