In the C-segment of sedans, the Vento has been there since 2010. Volkswagen will now introduce the new generation car in India in 2021. The car will be a highly localized product. The new car will be made on the same MQB A0 IN platform that has been developed by Skoda. The Volkswagen group has also unveiled its India 2.0 strategy, which will be led by Skoda. Skoda in India is also deemed to head the investment for the Volkswagen group. The Volkswagen Vento 2021 will be coming in first.

In the future, this same platform will be used to manufacture the new Polo too.  The MQB A0 IN will be a localized platform and will make manufacturing the Vento cheaper in India. Under the new strategy, Volkswagen will operate mainly in the 4 meter+ segments. This means that the Polo and Vento will share the same wheelbase now.


Volkswagen Vento 2021 Platform

The all-new Vento is going to come in 2021 along with the Skoda Rapid, it’s a fraternal twin. The Vento, while it’s, is still three to four years away, we know that VW is going to use the Skoda developed MQB AO IN platform for this vehicle. The localized production of the Vento is the key to making it competitive and the platform will help in adding more features to the car. The new Vento is already being sold as the Virtus in Brazil. But to make the Volkswagen Vento 2021 profitable and cheaply, manufacturing will have to be done in India.


The new Vento will come in 2021. Till that time we are guessing it will look very different from the Virtus that is on sale in Brazil. The car will is also said to have it’s own distinct design and look. It will not be an identical twin with the Skoda Rapid. The similarities will end at the wheelbase being the same. The knee room in the meantime will be better and improved over the pervious generation car. The Volkswagen Vento 2021 will be about 100mm wider and longer than the current Vento. Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda in the future with the use of the common localised MQB platform will have the same wheelbase.


Volkswagen Vento 2021 Features

With the Vento, Volkswagen will continue manufacturing it locally and thus equipping it well. And the equipment offered on the Vento is just going to increase. Better LED headlights, digital instrument panel like seen on the Virtus. We already know that there is a large instrument panel on the Virtus. There is a touchscreen instrument panel under the AC vents. When it comes to space there will be more space in the front and the rear of the Volkswagen Vento 2021 due to the elongated wheelbase. There will also be rear AC vents.

Volkswagen Vento 2021

Since there is time for this car to be put in production and it is launched, smarter features like automatic cruise control and pedestrian warning can be expected to come in the Volkswagen Vento 2021.

Engine And Transmission

The new 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine is going to power the Vento. Power figures for the new engine will stand at 115bhp and 200Nm of torque which is a significant bump in numbers. There will be an option of a five or six-speed manual and automatic gearbox.

When we come to the diesel engine, we know there is big talk about diesel not being offered as an option. But with India, we think the Volkswagen Vento 2021 will be given that option with the 1.5-liter TDI engine. The engine has always been the more sought after option in India with the Polo and Vento. It’s expected to come with the option of a six-speed manual and a seven-speed DSG automatic gearbox.

There could be a chance that VW with the goal of earning back it’s reputation after the Diesel-gate scandal gives customers an option of mild hybrid powertrains with the Volkswagen Vento 2021.

Volkswagen Vento 2021

Launch Date

The Volkswagen Vento can be expected to launch at the end of 2021. The launch date of the Volkswagen Vento 2021 will also determine the launch of the new Polo and Skoda Rapid 2021. The Vento will be a highly localized product. The manufacturing of the Volkswagen Vento slated to begin in 2021.

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Price in India

With the Volkswagen Vento, 2021 slated to be a highly localized product and Volkswagen looking at mass exports prices will be competitive. The pricing will start around INR 9.5-10 lakhs to the top variant going up to 15 lakhs.

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