Are you confused on which one should you buy and why? The regular or the conventional headlamps have been in usage for years now. The new trend has been for projector headlamps. So, are these better than the normal headlamps, how are they different? If you are keen to know more on this, then do not wait any more. We have all the details on the duo. Before we commence, the regular headlamps are called as reflector assembly and we shall be using that across. So, is it a bulb that is yellow or white? Read further to understand.

What is conventional headlamp?

To begin with, a headlamp bulb cannot light up the entire pathway. It is housed in an assembly of reflectors that reflect the light from a regular bulb on to the road. This illuminates the pathway. So, these reflector assembly forms the entire headlamp kit. If the light fuses, the bulb in it can be changed. There isn’t a lot of work that needs to be done for this purpose.

Tata Tiago

This technology has been in use for decades now. There has been an evolution in the technology and a major upgrade happened in the 1980’s phase. These headlamps have benefits and downsides too.


  1. The biggest advantage is the price factor. These are the most affordable headlamp technology to manufacture. This is a lot more affordable than the projectors and hence most of the cars in the lower price bracket have reflector headlamps.
  2. They are easy to change. If your bulb withers, then you can easily replace the bulb on the reflector headlamp than on the projectors.
  3. This assembly requires lesser space


  1. The biggest letdown of these headlamps is that they cannot be controlled. The lights cannot be levelled for optimised use. A lot of the light is spread out and it affects the visibility of the oncoming traffic. Thus loosing out light from the road. 

What are projector headlamps?

Now as you have already understood about the reflector headlamps. The projector headlamps are the same assembly with an addition of lens ahead of it. This helps to improve the range of the headlamps and direct them more efficiently for better visibility. This unit is one piece and you cannot replace the bulb directly. Hence it is a complex unit but with better results.

Audi A6


  1. Better light


  1. Expensive to manufacture
  2. Expensive to replace
  3. Take up more space

Both are good and depends on the buyer’s affordability. The projector headlamps are of course superior and have better light. As they are an insulated assembly, then it will be even better in terms of life as well.

The question of yellow vs white?

A projector headlamp isn’t necessarily having white light, it can have a yellow bulb too. Even a regular headlamp assembly can have a white bulb. So, this does not define colour with it. There are some cars with projector headlamps and yellow light, why so? Generally yellow lamps have better visibility in the fog. Hence, many cars still use yellow over the white one.


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  • I need to know I have Thai Vigo champ 2012 model TRD with projector headlights but these lights visibility is about 30/100 what should I do can motoroctane give me any good idea