Mahindra will be showcasing a convertible SUV concept at the Auto Expo 2018. This concept SUV will be called the Mahindra Stinger. The Mahindra Stinger Convertible SUV has been teased by the company and it will be unveiled at the Auto Expo 2018.

Based on the TUV300, the Mahindra Stinger SUV, is built on a ladder frame chassis. This is an interesting concept that has an open top. The XUV Aero Concept was shown at the last Auto Expo. Mahindra will be showcasing a few more concepts at the Expo and an array of electric vehicles. What will the Mahindra Stinger look like? Read further to know more.

Mahindra Stinger Launch in India

The Mahindra Stingerwill be in a concept form currently. A launch based on this concept may take place, however we will have to wait and watch if Mahindra readily shows interest in bringing this vehicle on the roads. We can assume that if it does, it will be only by next year or by 2020.

Mahindra Stinger Price in India

The Mahindra Stinger is a concept and a production version of this will be a bit different and more roadworthy. If launched, there is a possibility of it being priced under INR 10 lakhs. This will make it a good option to consider for those who have a high fun quotient.

Mahindra Stinger Design

The Mahindra Stinger resembles the TUV 300 a lot. This will be a sub-4 meter SUV and will be compact in dimensions. The front period resembles the XUV500 and looks striking. It has a crowned bonnet and sleek headlamps. 17-inch alloy wheels don this SUV and it has a sharply raked windscreen. It is a 5-seater SUV. The rear portion is also stylish and looks sporty. It will get a soft top, which will be operated manually.

Mahindra convertible SUV

Mahindra Stinger Specifications

The 1.5-litre mHawk turbocharged engine will do duty in the Mahindra Stinger. This engine will be updated and will get certain improvements. It will belt out a maximum power of 101bhp and a peak torque of 240Nm.

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