Toyota Innova Cross is one of the new expected products from the Japanese car maker. As the Innova Crysta has become success, Toyota will not want to miss out on this price segment either. Hence, they will be introducing the Innova Cross. This will help the company to retain the market share even for the lower price point, which the old Innova targeted. We tell you want the Innova Cross could look like.

Toyota Innova Cross Exterior

As a replacement for the current Innova, Toyota will introduce the Innova Cross. This will be the current Innova with lesser features and a more stylish looking MUV with cladding, something similar to Etios Cross. The body dimensions will remain same like the Innova. There won’t any other difference expect cosmetic changes. The front bumper and rear one too will be changed. There shall be a new front grille, which might be black instead of all the chrome that the Innova had.

Toyota Innova Cross
New Innova coming in 2016

Toyota Innova Cross Interior

Do not expect any changes on the inside of the Innova. It will still be the same and there won’t an upgrade. The beige seats might be replaced by black. This might be the only change, as Toyota will want to make the upholstery sporty than premium. The Innova Cross will be for those who will want to stick to the Innova badge and it doesn’t matter to them if it is the new one or the old. The old Innova will be eating up Innova Crysta’s sales, so the company decided to make these tweaks.

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Toyota Innova Cross Engine

Toyota has already registered for the Innova Cross name and both these MUVs will be launched by late 2016, or maybe even early 2017. The Innova Cross will get be the same Innova with the 2.5-litre diesel engine and five-speed manual transmission, while the new Innova will be premium MUV.

Toyota Innova Cross Mileage

The mileage of the Toyota Innova Cross will be about 9-11 km/l. This is what even the old Innova had and the Innova Cross with the same set-up will return similar efficiency.


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