Kia Motors is coming to India and there is no hiding in the fact that the company will be launching its new products in India by 2019. The construction of its new plant has begun in Anantpura in Andhra Pradesh. The Kia brand is looking at getting several new products into India and with this new brand is coming in, Hyundai is already here and the company has high levels of localisation.

Our sources state that the company isn’t just working on compact sedans and SUVs, but it will even be getting a new hatchback, which will be small and entry-level one. This will go against the Renault Kwid and the Maruti Alto. Both these hatchbacks are high volume cars and this will add on to the sales number of Kia. Along with this, the new hatchback will be offering the best-in-class bells and whistles too. So, a touchscreen will be seen too.

What’s more? This new hatchback will be based on the Hyundai Eon platform. But the design will be based on Kia’s design language. There will be no similar in the two, be it design, dimensions or interior styling. The Kia will be completely different and it will be based on Kia’s design DNA, all new interiors, feature loaded and mostly it shall be made available only with a 1.0-litre petrol engine. This will also get the AMT as Hyundai has been working on AMT and the technologies are shared between the two companies.

Kia will also be looking at a tall boy design. Other than this, Kia will be getting a micro-SUV, compact sedan, premium sedan, mid-size SUV also to India. We shall be updating you with details as and when we have them. Kia will have highly localised products and the company will be looking at getting multiple new cars in India. The idea will be to get new products in India and compete with the segment leader where Hyundai isn’t very strong or to create a new segment of its own.


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