Fiat is working on a new-generation Punto for South America and Europe. At the same time, the company is also working towards getting one for India. The 2017 Fiat Punto will be built on different platforms for different markets. For instance, the Punto (codenamed as X6H) is sharing its platform with the new Linea (X6S) in Brazil and this is made on the extended Palio and Uno platform. For other markets, where Uno and Palio aren’t built any more, it will be using the SCA (small car architecture) to build these new vehicles. This is something similar to what Renault just did with the Captur/Kaptur. Both look identical outside and inside, expect for dimensions and platform.

2017 Fiat Punto Body Styles

The new Fiat Punto will be offered with a three-door and five-door versions. There is also a sedan version of the Punto that will be offered with on sale as well. The Punto will even get an Abarth version too.

2017 Fiat Punto Design

The Fiat Punto will have similar dimensions like the current one. The new Punto will have the new diamond front grille with sharper looking headlamps. The Punto as always will look stunning however this time it shall be a lot more aggressive in styling than the currently sold version. The glass area might be a bit larger for the windows. The Punto will have a lot of design cues from the Fiat Egea. There will be the cab forward design that shall be carried forward on to the Punto. The rear styling of the Punto will be an evolution of the currently sold version.
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Fiat Punto will carry on to look as stunning as it has always been looking.
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The Italian automobile giant is keen to take forward the design language of the Egea.

2017 Fiat Punto Interiors

The new Punto will get new the necessary features. Fiat won’t be offering too many extra features on the Punto that will increase its price.
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The Fiat Punto will have a touchscreen system with reverse parking sensors, maps, and spacious front seats. The Punto will even get a rear seat AC vent, depending on the market. The Punto will be extremely practical. The rear seats will have double fold making it a flat floor. The Punto will have a decent size boot.

2017 Fiat Punto Engines

The Punto that India will get will be based on the SCA as the company has already localised this platform and it is looking at adding more value to this segment. The new-gen Punto will be more spacious while the features offered won’t be the best in class. Fiat will stick to its DNA of not offering those features that aren’t required. The new Punto for India will be launched in 2018 and this will come with a 1.2-litre and 1.4-litre petrol engine options, while the diesel shall be 1.3-litre. Fiat is also working on MultiAir engines for the Indian car market and they will make a debut with the new Linea and the Punto. As the demand for petrol vehicles is on a rise, Fiat will be looking at adding more powerful and fuel-efficient engines. Fiat will be offering this with MultiAir and even T-JET engine options. This will be a front-wheel drive hatchback. There will even an Abarth version that will come with a 1.4-litre turbo petrol engine that will be producing about 160-170bhp of power. All the engines will be coming with a five-speed manual transmission and there shall be dual clutch transmission options on the Abarth versions.


2017 Fiat Punto Mileage

The new Fiat Punto mileage will be about 12km/l to 14km/l for the petrol engine, while the diesel engine will have a higher efficiency of 16km/l.

2017 Fiat Punto Price

There won’t be a major increase in the price of the new Punto. Maybe a hike of about five percent of the Punto could be expected. Fiat will be launching it at about 11,000 pounds for the base model, three door version. There will be a five door version too.

The new-generation Linea will also be launched in the same phase. The SCA will also spur a new B-platform SUV. The earlier SUV that was codenamed as X3U had been cancelled for India, however some work has been done on it with a tweak in its platform.

2017 Fiat Punto spyshot

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