The Activa nameplate is something everyone knows in the country. It has kind of become a synonym for a scooter in the country. So why is Activa so popular? It is majorly popular for its reliability, mileage and low maintenance cost. Also, constant updates have helped Honda stay ahead of the curve. So the next update for Activa is going to be the 7G model. So what to expect? In today’s article, let’s talk about the Honda Activa 7G. 

No more Honda Activa 7G

Honda Activa 7G

In mid-2023, Honda surprised everyone by launching an updated Activa. The update was not a surprise, but Honda dropped the 6g suffix from this updated model. Honda didn’t specify why it dropped the 6g suffix from this model. However, it seems like there won’t be an Activa 7G and 8G in the future. Instead, Honda could give the Activa incremental upgrades each year. So instead of the 6G or 7G suffix, Honda is likely to recognise updates in 2023 as MY2023 Activa and so forth. Still, these are just speculations and Honda might surprise us by launching the Activa 7G in the future. 

Activa electric

Honda Activa 7G

The first electric scooter will be locally developed by Honda. It is rumoured to be called the Activa EV. Honda will be hoping that the Activa nameplate could help build trust among first-time EV buyers. Overall it will have a fixed battery pack, but its spec will be not groundbreaking. After the Activa EV, Honda also plans to launch a more powerful EV scooter to take on the Ola and Ather. This scooter will come with swappable batteries.

What are your thoughts about Honda dropping the ‘g’ suffix? Do let us know in the comments.

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