Bikes have always been popular in the country. Due to the infrastructure, they are perfect in the cities and the practicality they offer even suits rural areas. Hero MotorCorp figured out the trend early by bringing in efficient and reliable bikes. Hero also tried its hand with sporty bikes coming out with the Karizma. Now, Hero is bringing the new Karizma to cash into this nostalgia. Ahead of its launch, Hero has showcased its bike to its dealer network. In today’s article, let’s talk about the 2023 Hero Karizma. 

New styling

2023 Hero Karizma

The photo was leaked by ET Industry in their news article. From the looks of it, Hero has tried to restructure a lot of elements from the original Karizma. We can see a sharp side fender with a headlamp structure integrated into it. The handlebars are jutting over the frame. In the side profile, we can see the gold-coated engine and the single exhaust pipe. Other details include individual seats and dual disc brakes. 

Engine specifications

The new Karizma will be based on a new platform and get several new features like LED lighting, turn-by-turn navigation, digital instrument cluster and connected technology features. What about the engine? It is expected to come with a 210cc liquid-cooled engine capable of producing 25bhp and 30Nm of torque. It is expected to come with a 6-speed manual gearbox. 

2023 Hero Karizma – Why the need?

2023 Hero Karizma

Hero as a manufacturer is known for its efficient and reliable cars. But now as the market is maturing leading to the increased demand for bigger bikes. Hero has sensed this change and knows it has to adapt to its change. Hero knows the value of the Karizma nameplate if it has to position itself as a premium brand. So it makes sense for Hero to bring back the Karizma nameplate.

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