Bikes have always been the preferred mode of transportation in the country. Even with the advancement in scooters, people prefer to buy bikes. Hero Motocorp figured that out quite early mainly focusing on frugal and efficient bikes. But it made a sporty bike that was a hit among youngsters. Which bike are we talking about? It is none other than Karizma. Now according to the latest report from Bikewale, Hero is going to bring back the Karizma. In today’s article, let’s talk about the Hero Karizma 2023. 

History of the Karizma

Hero Karizma 2023

The Karizma was launched by Hero Honda in 2003. The first-generation model had great looks and also had a good performance. This motorcycle ruled the sales chart for several years before facing the heat from the competition. So Hero launched the Karizma ZMR, which did decent sales but not like the original model. After a few years, Hero & Honda parted ways. Hero did a partnership with ERB. Though ERB tried to put its design elements into the bike it was not liked by the customers. This spelt the end for Karizma due to dwindling sales. 

New Karizma

Now according to Bikewale, Hero Moto Corp is planning to launch the next-generation Karizma by the end of 2023. This bike will be based on a completely new platform and will get several new features. The brand has also developed a new 210cc liquid-cooled engine capable of producing 25bhp and 30Nm of torque. The transmission will be a 6-speed gearbox. 

Hero Karizma 2023 – Why the need? 

Hero Karizma 2023

Hero as a brand is known for its small fuel-efficient bikes, but with the market maturing the demand for bigger bikes is growing. Hero knows this and is already working on the bigger Xpulse etc. It also knows the value of the Karizma nameplate if it has to position itself as a premium brand. So it makes sense for Hero to bring back the Karizma nameplate. 

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