The Harrier has been quite an important product in Tata’s stable. Tata shook everyone with the launch of the Harrier with its bold design and size. Such has been Tata’s confidence in the Harrier that it spawned its 7-seater version, resurrecting the iconic Safari nameplate. What more can Tata do with the Harrier? Options are limited, but it could bring its coupe version. But this is not a random guess. So what is this Tata Harrier Coupe and what is the reasoning behind this expectation? In today’s article, let’s find out.

What is it?

Tata Harrier coupe

The Harrier Coupe is something that had been the talk of the town even before the Harrier launched. Its rumours stem from the promotional video Tata released at the Auto Expo of 2018. In this video, Tata showed six new silhouettes – three on the Alfa architecture and three on the Omega architecture. The three silhouettes on the Omega architecture seem to be the Harrier, Safari and a mystery coupe SUV. This coupe SUV was speculated to be based on the Harrier, but nothing has been heard about this product even after both the Harrier & the Safari have launched.


Tata Harrier coupe

As mentioned above, the Harrier Coupe was showcased to be based on the Omega Architecture. This means that it could share its engine specifications with the Harrier & Safari. The 2.0-litre diesel engine capable of producing 168bhp & 350Nm of torque could mostly be on offer. Being a coupe, Tata could re-tune the engine for more power, given its sporty characteristics. This engine could come mated to a manual & an automatic gearbox.

Could it get a petrol engine? It could get the 1.5-litre petrol engine which Tata is said to be developing. Other than that, Tata could offer improved handling & suspension for the Harrier coupe. Also, there is an outside possibility that we could see its EV version. Reportedly, Tata is working on the Harrier EV and we could see similar specifications on the Harrier Coupe if launched.

Tata Harrier coupe – Will it happen?

Tata Harrier coupe

Now, this is tricky to answer, considering Tata hasn’t revealed much about the Harrier coupe. The only information we have about the Harrier coupe is the video silhouette. However, does the Harrier coupe make sense? The coupe segment is expected to boom in the upcoming years. Tata is also betting on this strategy with the planned Curvv-based cars. Could the Harrier Coupe be the perfect one to go toe to toe against the Mahindra XUV900? What do you think? Do let us know in the comments.

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