This time we snapped it during a quick stop in cold Sweden where BMW is cold weather testing at the moment.The X2 is basically a X1 but with a slightly more sportier body. The lower roof makes is look wider and more masculine without using the coupe-ish roof featured on the bigger brothers X4 and X6.BMW X2 Winter 2

With the X1 platform the X2 will come both as front-wheel-drive versions as well as all-wheel-drive versions with an possible X2 M on top of the line-up. Powertrains will be mirrored from the X1 meaning a range of petrol and diesel options. And don’t rule out an plug-in hybrid either.

BMW X2 Winter 4

BMW X2 still has some time to be launched as the German brand will be working towards the new sedans that are due to be launched this year. We could expect to get more glimpses of the new X2 in the near future. The X2 is also not that tall and it will be somewhat competition to the new upcoming Volvo XC40. This will  be the new coupe-ist compact SUV. This looks a lot more stylish than from what we see from the next-generation X1.

BMW X2 Winter 7

BMW X2 Winter 10

BMW X2 Winter 12 t



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