SUVs have become the go-to choice for most buyers today. Manufacturers bring what people need, so we are seeing a lot of new SUV launches. Maruti has been slacking in this aspect with only one SUV in its lineup. But Maruti will be soon launching a lot of new ones. In today’s article, we will discuss Maruti Suzuki SUVs you should wait for!

New-generation Brezza

Maruti Suzuki SUVs

Currently, Brezza is the only SUV in Maruti’s lineup, and it has lead the charge well for Maruti. It still pulls in good sales, but the car has gotten outdated. So Maruti is giving the Brezza a big update that is expected to shake the segment. The new Brezza will come with an updated design and a hybrid system. It will also come loaded with modern comfort features to attract customers. The new Brezza is expected in the next two to three months.  

Maruti Suzuki SUVs- New S-Cross

Maruti Suzuki SUVs

The S-Cross is an underrated product in Maruti’s lineup. It is a competent product that has not achieved what Maruti was expecting from it. Last year, Maruti launched the new S-Cross in Italy. The new S-Cross can do a decent number in India with the added features and new design. 

Mid-size SUV

Maruti Suzuki SUVs

Maruti and Toyota are working on an SUV that will sit between the C-segment and mid-size segment. By doing this, brands are looking to kill two birds with one stone. The car will be manufactured by Toyota in its Bidadi factory and then handed over to Maruti. It could come with a 1.5-litre engine with a strong hybrid setup from Toyota. 

Maruti Suzuki SUVs- Jimny

Maruti Suzuki SUVs

The Jimny has become a regular in the list of cars you should wait for. Maruti should have launched the Jimny by now, considering its popularity. Sadly Maruti is still considering whether to launch the three-door or the five-door Jimny. But still, it is pretty sure that Maruti will launch the Jimny in India. It will be the cheapest 4×4 vehicle, add to it the lightweight nature it will be a treat for off-road enthusiasts.

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