Yamaha has a good lineup of sporty bikes and scooters in India. However, Yamaha still needs to make a mark in the adventure bike segment. Looking at the growing demand for adventure motorcycles, the Japanese manufacturer should bring some adventure bikes for the mass market. Globally, the brand has two bikes in this segment that could be launched in India soon. In this article, we discuss the Yamaha Lander 250 and why it should soon launch in India. Let’s go.

Looks and dimensions

Yamaha Lander 250

The Yamaha Lander 250 is a very purposeful off-roading motorcycle. Like we see with the Crosser 150, this bike also has a similar design. The Lander 250 which is globally available has a very tall seat height of 875mm. Also, it has a very high ground clearance of 275mm. This bike is very light weighted and measures mere 143 kg. While all these attributes make for a great off-road bike, the Lander 250 with it bigger engine than the Crosser 150 will serve as a great dual-sport that will make any pavement job fun.

Yamaha Lander 250 – Engine

Yamaha Lander 250

The global version of the Yamaha lander 250 is powered by a 249.5cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine. This engine makes 20.7bhp & 20.5Nm of torque, mated to a five-speed transmission. In India, Yamaha uses the same engine in the FZ-25. We hope this engine will have a different state of tune with a better torque spread across the power band to give the user an enhanced experience.

Yamaha Lander 250 – Price and Launch

Yamaha Lander 250

The launch of this bike in India is not certain yet but looking at the demand for adventure bikes in India, we can expect an one from Yamaha anytime now. If the company launches the Lander 250, we can expect the pricing somewhere between Rs 1.4 lakhs to Rs 1.5 lakhs (ex-showroom).

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