Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has quite been in the news for his mega deal with Twitter. Musk is already halfway through the Twitter buyout. However, with all of this going on globally, Nitin Gadkari has made a statement, sharing the only way through which Tesla will be able to sell cars in India. In this article, we will discuss what Nitin Gadkari said and what is the future of Tesla in India.

What did Nitin Gadkari say?

Nitin Gadkari Tesla India

Nitin Gadkari in a government conference today said that Tesla is welcome to open its factory in India and export cars, but importing from China will be something that will not be appreciated. He added that “making in China and selling here is not a good proposition”. Nitin Gadkari has been adamant regarding the fact that Tesla’s only option to sell cars in India is if they open a manufacturing unit here.

What has Nitin Gadkari said regarding Tesla in the past?

Nitin Gadkari Tesla India

Nitin Gadkari in his past statements had gone to the extent of saying that Tesla will be made available in India for Rs 35 lakh. He has consistently been reiterating the fact that Tesla Inc. will have to set up shop here. Earlier, the government was considering Musk’s request of reducing import duties for electric vehicles but ultimately let go of that idea.

What is Tesla planning to do in India?

Nitin Gadkari Tesla India

Our readers have in the past spotted a lot of Teslas testing in and around Pune. Tesla Model 3 and Model Y have been spotted testing. These two cars are the most affordable options available in the brand’s lineup today. The brand had earlier planned to open first showroom and office in Lower Parel, Mumbai. The brand was even planning to set up an R&D centre in Bangalore. However, nothing concrete has been done until now looking at which we can confirm that yes, Tesla is coming to India.

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