Tata Motors is rapidly gearing up for the future of EVs. Recently, they unveiled Tata Curvv, their future concept vehicle. This was an exciting car to cover. You can check out our social handles to take a look at the concept in detail. Coming back to today’s topic, two cars will be extracted from the Curvv concept; an ICE-powered car and an EV. These cars will be taking on the C-SUV segment, especially the Hyundai Creta. In this article, we have mentioned 5 features the Creta rival will get from Tata Curvv.


Tata Creta rival features

Tata Curvv gets a futuristic centre console. There are no physical buttons on it, all are touch control. The amazing fact about it is Tata has mentioned the CNG button on it. It would be a premium SUV and would be placed above the Nexon. This Tata Creta rival could get the CNG option to take on the competition.

Integrated Seat Belt

Tata Creta rival features

Seat belts are usually mounted on the pillar of the car. But in the Tata Curvv, we have seen that seat belts are integrated in the seat itself, just like we see in sports cars. Tata might be looking to give the Creta rival a unique touch and might offer this with production-ready Curvv. We might see the normal seat belts on the production-ready curvv. 

Electrically adjustable seat

Tata Creta rival features

In the concept, the Curvv gets electrically adjustable seats, with unique buttons for back and front only. However, we might get the normal electrically adjustable seats, as we see on Tata’s other SUVs. Electrically adjustable seats will surely enhance the premium quotient.

Tata Creta rival featuresBoot space

Tata Creta rival features

One of the biggest highlights of the Tata Curvv was its boot space. Due to its floating roofline and SUV coupe body styling, it would get a huge boot space. The same would go with the production-ready Curvv.

Tata Creta rival features – Signs on pedals

Tata Creta rival features

The pedals of the Tata Curvv concept too were interesting. Tata engraved the play and pause symbols on the accelerator and brake pedals respectively. The production car might get this but the chances are slim.

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