The market worldwide has adopted the SUV trend very well. Every car manufacturer is working on the development of new SUVs. But, German carmakers are different. Skoda launched the Slavia, a mid-size sedan in the Indian market a little while ago. Skoda did take a brave step by bringing a sedan in an SUV-favoured market. Skoda’s sister company, Volkswagen also unveiled their new sedan recently, the Virtus. Both companies are trying to bring a buyer’s focus back to sedans. However, how do these cars fare against each other? Should a Slavia buyer wait for the Virtus? Or rather, why should a Slavia buyer wait for the Virtus? In this article, we have listed the reasons you should wait for the Volkswagen Virtus rather than buying a Skoda Slavia.


Volkswagen Virtus

The Skoda Slavia and the Volkswagen Virtus are the two new, fresh-looking mid-size sedans in the market. The Slavia carries on the Skoda family look with a big front grille while the Virtus gets a look derived from the sixth generation Volkswagen Polo. Comparing the dimensions, the Virtus is 20mm longer than the Slavia.

Volkswagen Virtus

The Slavia’s overall looks go towards the premium side while the looks of Virtus tap the sporty side. The Virtus gets a GT variant as well. In this trim, Volkswagen has offered a rear spoiler, blacked-out alloy wheels along with a few other sporty touches. All of this enhances the overall sporty look of the car. If you like the sporty looks, you should definitely wait for the Volkswagen Virtus.

Interior and Features

Volkswagen Virtus

There are no major changes in the interiors of both cars. The only difference is the Slavia gets a two-spoke steering wheel while the Virtus gets a three-spoke steering wheel. The GT line of the Virtus gets sporty accents in the interior. So, buyers with a sporty taste would love to consider this car more than the Slavia.

Volkswagen Virtus – Engine Specifications

Volkswagen Virtus

Skoda-Volkswagen have nailed it when it comes to the engine. Both the cars get the same powerful 1.0-litre TSI and 1.5-litre TSI turbo-petrol engines. The 1.0-litre engine makes 114bhp & 178Nm of torque whereas the 1.5-litre engine makes 148bhp & 250Nm of torque. So, engine-wise, both these cars will make equal power.

Volkswagen Virtus – Conclusion

Volkswagen Virtus

Both the cars are exactly the same when it comes to the mechanical side of things. However, if you are a car enthusiast and want to buy a sedan that looks sporty and can turn heads, the Volkswagen Virtus becomes a deal stealer for you.

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