Maintaining your car is one difficult task. Sometimes, the cost of maintenance may even make you cry. But proper maintenance not only helps to improve the mileage but also improves the life of the car. So, here are some tips by which you can reduce the maintenance cost of the car.

Drive with care

Car Maintenance tips

Driving your car with care can help you save major wear and tear of the car. Avoid driving your car everywhere. Stop believing that you can drive your car everywhere. For instance, sedans and hatchbacks are not made for bad terrain roads. So, avoid doing that. Reducing the wear and tear of your car can help you to save a lot of money.

Timely servicing

Car Maintenance tips

Servicing your car from time to time is very important. Always make a habit of keeping your service track very clean. This can not only improve the life of your car but also can save it from any major damage. Do the servicing of your car on time as mentioned in the service book.

Always use recommended engine oil

Car Maintenance tips

Engine oil plays an important role in running your engine smoothly and effortlessly. Always use good quality engine oil that is recommended by the company. Avoid saving your money by using low-quality oil. This could save some money initially but can harm the engine in the long term.

Car Maintenance tips – Keep air-filter and oil-filter clean

Car Maintenance tips

The outside air passes through the air filter and the air filter collects all the dust. Oil-filter absorbs the impurities from the engine oil. Keeping these filters at their best is very important. If these filters are not clean, then the dust might enter the engine and damage it in the long run.

Car Maintenance tips – Keep an eye on the tell-tale lights

Car Maintenance tips

Make a habit of keeping an eye on the tell-tale lights in the MID before starting your drive. Those lights include engine check lights, low oil warnings, ABS warnings, and other essential lights. If any of the light blinks, it is time to visit the service center immediately. Delaying here might cause the failure of that part and will cost you more.

Car Maintenance tips – Carry on small jobs yourself

Car Maintenance tips

You can do some part of the maintenance from your place without going to a service station. You might get the equipment at a good price and that too will reduce the cost of the visit and further servicing. For example, you can wash your car, change the wiper blades, and also clean or change the air filter from your place.

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