The Indian car market has seen exponential growth in the last few years. The pandemic did hamper the growth as it affected sales. But after the relaxation of lockdown norms, people are buying cars. This growth is due to the backlog manufacturers had and as people are preferring private mode of transport. With that being said, the government is bringing in some laws to regulate the auto industry. These laws will help safeguard the environment and also increase safety. But will also increase the overall prices of car. In today’s article, we will see why your car bills will go up soon. 

BS6 stage 2

car prices

Safeguarding the environment has become a task for governments around the world. In India, we follow the Bharat Stage Emission Standard, based on the European emission standards. Currently, we are in the BS6 norms, which were implemented in April 2020. Now the government is bringing the second round of BS6 norms in April 2022. This vehicle will need to maintain the actual driving emission and not be only limited to tests in laboratories. All these vehicles will have an OBD device (on-board diagnostics) standard. The OBD device will monitor the catalytic converter, oxygen sensors and engine misfire. Development of the technology plus the additional hardware will increase the manufacturing costs. In simple terms, BS6 Stage 2 will increase the ex-showroom price of all automobiles. 

Rising car prices- Six airbags

car prices

Road Safety is an important issue that has been neglected in India. But the rising road fatalities have made the government impose more stringent safety norms. The Ministry of Road, Transport and Highway(MoRTH) recently approved a draft notification mandating six airbags for cars under-filling the M1 category. This category includes cars that seat up to eight passengers. It states that the M1 category should be fitted with curtain airbags to protect the occupants. Slowly the government is looking to mandate six airbags in all cars. These safety features are good, but they will increase the cost of cars by Rs 30k to 40k. 

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