Biking culture is growing in India. In many cases, buying a brand new bike is not an option due to certain reasons. So, buying a second-hand bike becomes the best option. However, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind while buying a second hand bike. If you are planning to buy one, this article will definitely help you pick the right deal. Let’s begin.

Research and purpose-driven mindset 

second-hand bike in India

The first thing we must consider before buying a bike is the purpose of the bike. Like whether you want to do daily commuting, go on long rides, or only for weekend rides. After pin-pointing the purpose, you must know that which type of bike would suit you. Then, you must research which bike would be available in your budget. Going in without research is bound to confuse you.

Inspect the bike 

second-hand bike in India

After shortlisting a few bike, go for an inspection. Look for any dents or scratches on the bike. Do check out the tyres of the bike. You must inspect minutely from the handlebar to the tail lights of the bikes.

Take a test ride

second-hand bike in India

After inspection, take a proper test ride of the bike. Pay attention to the engine smoothness and performance of the bike. If you are a novice rider, go with an experienced rider or a mechanic with you. They might tell you the proper health of the bike.

Check the engine & chassis number and servicing record

second-hand bike in India

After taking the test ride, check the engine number and chassis number mentioned on the bike. The Engine and chassis number should match with the number mentioned on RC. Check the servicing record of the bike. It will be great if the seller has the servicing record of the bike. From the record, you will come to know how much servicing is done and what all is pending. If they don’t have the written records, you can simply ask for the estimate.  

Document verification

second-hand bike in India

After finalizing the bike, check for the documentation of the bike. This is the list of documents you must verify before buying a bike:

Registration certificate (RC)

Bike insurance – it should be transferred in your name after purchase. 

Pollution under control certificate (PUC Certificate)

RTO forms: Form 28, Form 29, Form 30

The sales receipt from the seller

No Objection Certificate (NOC) if the vehicle is transferred to a different RTO.

Price negotiation

second-hand bike in India

After checking all of the above points, try to negotiate the price. You can reduce the price of the bike based on the above points. For example, if the bike has dents and scratches, or the service records are not proper, you can easily ask for a lower price. 

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