Royal Enfield has started work on launching the Bullet Electra 500 in the Indian market soon.  We can expect it to be launched in late 2016.

With the growing demand for their 500cc motorcycles, Royal Enfield wants to capitalise and increase its 500cc model base. Currently their 500cc engines are only available on their Classic and Standard range of motorcycles. The objective of the Royal Enfield Bullet Electra 500 is to have a Bullet to suit every taste.

The amount of work needed to whip up a Bullet Electra 500 won’t be much since the difference between the Bullet and Bullet Electra are primarily cosmetic. Compared to the Bullet 500, the Bullet Electra 500 would feature chrome fenders, new colour options, different taillight, new air filter box and different tyres.

The Royal Enfield Bullet Electra 500 is expected to be launched in the second half of 2016. We can expect it to be priced at a slight premium over the regular Bullet 500. All the attention however would be showered upon the eagerly awaited Himalayan adventure tourer which is slated to hit the market in early 2016.


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