Maruti is the biggest manufacturer in the Indian car market. But most of its success has been in the entry-level segment. To change this, Maruti launched its NEXA experience showrooms. The NEXA products offer a more premium experience than normal Maruti cars. Currently, Maruti has five products in its NEXA lineup. It has lined up a sleeve of NEXA products in the upcoming months. In today’s article, we will see upcoming Maruti NEXA cars. 


New Nexa cars

The lifestyle SUV segment is growing steadily in the Indian market. But it is dominated by the Mahindra Thar. Maruti can change this with Jimny. The Jimny is an off-roader that is quite popular outside India. Maruti even manufactures the Jimny in India for its export markets. It is expected to be launched in India soon. It will be the cheapest lifestyle SUV in the Indian market. Considering how important the product is for Maruti, it will come in its NEXA lineup of cars. 

New NEXA cars- YTB

The Baleno has been a very successful NEXA product for Maruti. To continue this, Maruti is looking to bring in an SUV version of the Baleno, codenamed YTB. Maruti had shown a prototype model of this Baleno SUV at the auto expo 2020. It is still in its early stages of development. This Baleno SUV will be very similar to the Baleno with higher ground clearance. Considering Baleno is retailed through the Nexa dealerships, YTB will also be retailed through the same.

New-generation Baleno

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

The Baleno is one of the best selling premium hatchbacks in the Indian car market. It is known for its design and features. Maruti is looking to update the Baleno to compete with the competition. Earlier it was speculated to get a facelift, but spy shots have hinted at a bigger update. In its new generation, it will get updated exterior and interiors with added features. 

New NEXA cars- Creta competition SUV

New Nexa cars

Currently, Maruti has no presence in the C-segment.  It is looking to change this with a C-segment SUV in collaboration with Toyota. This SUV is currently in development. It is expected to get a modern exterior and interior design. It will also come loaded with features to compete with the competition. Considering this will be the most premium offering in the Maruti lineup, it will be retailed through NEXA dealerships.

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