“Driving is a privilege and not a right.” This is a statement that comes printed on the back of your driving license, and how many of us really take this statement seriously. Road safety is a big issue and driving safely is what is expected from everyone who drives a car or rides a motorcycle. Most of the accidents happen during the night because of poor visibility. Here are a few safety tips that you can follow while driving at night.

Good Lights

Car with xenon headlights fast drive on road at nigh

Before you start your journey and start driving in the night. Do check your headlights and taillights. Check for the throw and spread of your headlamps. Replace any damaged lights like turn indicators, brake lamps, tail lights, main headlamps, and fog lamps. See to it that the glass on our headlight is cleaned and there is no mud or dirt on it. Also, check if the high beam and low beam are functioning properly. Do these checks one or two days before the day you start your journey. If you are someone who frequently travels at night, then regularly check your lights on your weekly day off.

Check Tyres

Car tyre prices

Tyres are the most important part of the car, that’s what keeps them moving. Check for correct air pressure. Recently cars come with Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that gives out information regarding air pressure in tyres. Also regularly check for wear and tear of tyres. If the threading on the tyres is getting worn out, replace the tyres. Always carry a spare tyre and learn how to change a flat tyre in case of an emergency. Incase of tubeless tyres, learn how to use a puncture repair kit as well.

Check Fuel Level

Fuel guage

Before starting your journey check the fuel level. You never know if you might have to take a detour or you get stranded in traffic or the usual shortcut is under maintenance leading you to take a longer route. Always fill in some extra fuel than what is required.

Keep Safe Distance

safe distance

Always keep a safe distance while driving especially at night. Try to keep some extra distance between the car ahead of your car than what you would usually keep during the daytime. This will give you some extra time to react in case of sudden braking by the car in front of you. Avoid sudden braking coz the car behind you might not be keeping the same distance as you.

Don’t rely on Technology

Cruise Control

Cars are becoming smarter these days. These features are there to help you and not for you to completely rely on them. So depending on cruise control and ADAS during the night can be risky. These systems might not work because of poor lighting conditions or poor visibility. So be cautious and drive with an alert mind.

Follow Traffic Rules

traffic rules

Always follow traffic rules. Don’t jump traffic signals. There might be someone equally in rush like you and this could lead to an accident. Follow lane discipline and give a signal before changing lanes. Even while driving in the city look for other cars, pedestrians, motorcycle riders, and cyclists and keep a safe distance. Observe speed limits and traffic signs. Avoid stopping or parking your car at turns or intersections. Always your hazard lights whenever you park your car at night on the side of the road.

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