The three-door Maruti Suzuki Jimny was first displayed at the Auto Expo of 2020. Since then Maruti Jimny is a car that has been in news for various reasons such as getting a five-door version, or getting a four-wheel-drive version, etc. In this article, we will discuss the reason why Maruti Jimny is still not launched in India.


Chip Shortage

The chip shortage has affected car makers globally and a auto giant like Maruti has also been crippled because of the same. Available resources have been diverted to manufacture the popular products to maintain sales and profitability. The ongoing microchip shortage could be the main reason stopping Maruti from launching the much-awaited Jimny in India.

Jimny 3 door

Maruti Jimny Competitive Pricing

Maruti is known for having cars that are affordable to masses across the country. People from rural as well as urban areas prefer Maruti for its affordable pricing. The price point at which Jimny will enter the Indian car market could also be a reason for its delay. If the pricing is too high there would be an impact on the sales. If the pricing is competitive demand for Jimny will be more and Maruti will have a tough time trying to meet the rising demand because of chip shortage.

Maruti cars

Managing Inventory

Currently, the Maruti Suzuki Arena outlet and their Nexa outlet for premium cars combined sell 15 products. Five of them are retailed through Nexa. Managing inventory for such a large portfolio, handling logistics, deliveries, customer care, service centers, and sales is a big task in itself. Adding a new product at the time of global crisis and when the economy is just recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic could add more problems to Maruti.


Maruti Jimny Practical Usage

Maruti will be bringing the Jimny in a five-door version to make it more practical for buyers in India. Redesigning the car from a three-door version to a five-door version and allocating resources for manufacturing the same could be one of the reasons for the delay in the launch of Jimny in India.

Maruti Kizashi

Past Failures

Previously Maruti Suzuki had got the Kizashi to India and the car flopped miserably. The car was overpriced at the time when it was launched. Currently, the SCross is one more car from Maruti that is underrated and ignored by buyers. There could be a fear of failure lurking which might be stopping Maruti from bringing the Jimny to India. The market for lifestyle vehicles is still in its infancy stage.

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