Maruti is the biggest and most successful car manufacturer in the Indian market. Over the years, it has launched a lot of cars, of which some have become the best selling cars in the Indian market. One such car is the WagonR. It continues to dominate the monthly sales chart. But exactly why do so many people still buy the WagonR?. In today’s article, we will see why the Maruti WagonR is so high in the sales chart. 

Cabin space & comfort

Maruti WagonR sales

The WagonR popularised the tall boy design in the Indian market. This tallboy design makes the cabin feel spacious with an ample amount of headroom. The cabin also feels roomy due to the beige interiors. The seats are also quite comfortable and offer a lot of knee room for comfortable long journeys. 

Maruti WagonR sales – Engine options

The WagonR comes with a 1.0-litre K10B engine capable of producing 67bhp and 90Nm of torque. It also gets a 1.2-litre K12M engine that is capable of producing 82bhp and 113Nm of torque. For budget-conscious people, it also comes with a CNG option. This offers a wide variety of options to customers. Also, its biggest plus point is the refinement of these engines.  

Ease of driving

Maruti WagonR sales

The WagonR is quite easy to drive. Its tall boy design gives the driver an upright look giving the extra visibility while driving. Also, its compact dimensions give it great manoeuvrability in our crowded cities. Peppy engines and a light clutch also make it a delight to drive in bumper to bumper traffic.

Maruti fuss-free ownership


Maruti cars are famous for their reliability. These engines are some of the most reliable engines in the Indian car market. On top of this, even if the car breaks down, Maruti has a wide service network to help rectify the problem. Also, spare parts for the WagonR are easy to find. This makes the ownership of a Maruti car a fuss-free proposition. 

Maruti WagonR sales- Resale value


Maruti cars are known for their high resale value and WagonR is no exception to this rule. Due to its high reliability and low maintenance cost, it is always in demand in the second-hand car market. Resale is an important point in the Indian market, so this directly leads to high sales of the WagonR.

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