The Indian automobile sector is trying to recuperate slowly as things get back to normal. Two comparatively new car models, Nissan Magnite and Renault Kiger created a niche of their own in the market and their success is clearly reflected by their sales figures. Amidst this scenario, we are seeing one car, the Magnite perform considerably well when compared to the Kiger. In this article on Nissan Magnite vs Renault Kiger, we will discuss the reasons that allow Nissan Magnite to outsell Renault Kiger.

Sales figures

In the month of June 2021, Renault ended up selling 2035 units of Kiger. Nissan managed to sell 3252 units of Magnite. In July, Renault sold 3557 units of Kiger. Nissan sold 4073 units of Magnite in the same month. This clearly shows that Nissan Magnite has been a slightly more attractive offering for buyers.

Nissan Magnite vs Renault Kiger design

Nissan Magnite’s design gives it a unique road presence. The Magnite looks more muscular and robust in design and stance. Sleek vertical DRLs and headlamps give the front fascia a mean look. Also, the skid plates in the front & rear give it a more SUV-like look. The front grille is huge and beefy. In short, the Magnite nicely relates to the SUV family. The Renault Kiger, on the other hand, although being a compact SUV looks heavily inspired by Kwid. This could be one of the strong reasons why people are more inclined towards buying Magnite.

Nissan Magnite vs Renault Kiger pricing

Nissan Magnite vs Renault Kiger

Pricing is one more factor that works in favour of Nissan Magnite. The Maginte costs around Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 cheaper than the Renault Kiger when most variants are compared. The base variant of Magnite is priced at Rs 5.84 lakh (on-road, Mumbai) whereas the Renault Kiger is priced around Rs 6.38 lakh (on-road, Mumbai). The same is the case with turbo-petrol variants as well. Nissan takes the lead when it comes to offering a slightly more affordable SUV. With not many differences between the core elements of both cars, the Magnite turns out to be a sensible option for buyers looking for an affordable compact SUV.

Will Nissan Magnite continue to outsell Renault Kiger, or will Renault come up with a strategy to beat the Magnite in terms of sales, only time will answer these questions. Until then stay tuned.

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