The new KTM Duke 390 has been spotted testing abroad. It is expected to come to India soon. Here is all that you need to know about it. We will explain to you in detail the changes on the bike and what can we expect in India. Let’s find out more below.

Front Design

At the front, you can notice a new headlight unit. It seems to have a yellow halogen. It could be a temporary unit or this might be a smaller capacity unit. It would not be possible that after providing the Duke 390 with LED light the company will head back towards halogen setup. This is a testing rig and that’s why this set up is there. We do see the tank shrouds that look new and the bike seen here has knuckle guards and new mirrors. The TFT display looks clamped to the handlebar of the bike. The indicators appear to be the same.

New KTM Duke

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From the side you can see the main trellis frame remains the same. The engine casing has some changes and there is a new design for the clutch case. Also, you can see a new minimalistic guard which could be seen in KTM power parts.

New KTM Duke

The design for the tank has changed and it is slightly raised. The bike has an underbelly exhaust and the subframe seem to be slightly changed. The brakes also seem bigger and the alloy wheel is 5 spoke unit which could reduce weight. Other than that there is a new swingarm which because of its shape might reduce wheel hopping on uneven surfaces.

New KTM Duke

From the other side, we can see that the brakes are different and the disc is bigger. The revised front on the new KTM duke makes it look bulkier and this might be for it to accommodate the bigger radiator with twin fans like we saw on the Adventure 390. We might see this bike get new electronics also. Traction control, cornering ABS and more could be seen on this bike. When it comes to power, the BS6 Duke 390 did not lose any power in the transition. We can only imagine how much more power KTM will extract out of this engine in it’s new avatar.

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