Distance to empty is a very handy feature. So why don’t all 2 wheelers get this feature. Now with BS6, most 2 wheelers get a Trip F but this just calculates the amount of distance the bike has covered on reserve fuel. Distance to empty is easy to ready and comes in the format of RANGE. so let’s find out which popular Indian bikes get this feature.


Both the BMW 310cc twins have a distance to empty on their LCD display. This shows the range in kilometers which comes in handy as you don’t need to be worried about how much more should you should be travelling.


Price – G310GS – Rs 3,59,210, G310GS – Rs 3,13,164 (On-road, Mumbai)



KTM too gets distance to empty on their top models. The KTM Duke, RC and Adventure get the distance to empty features. This has been a feature on KTM bikes since the start. The KTM bikes start from Rs 1,87,957 and go up to Rs 3,79,840. (on-road)

Honda SP125

SP 125

Although this bike is a commuter and has a good mileage, Honda does offer it with a range indicator. The price of the bike starts from Rs 93,570 and the drum brake is Rs 98,400 (on-road, Mumbai).

Honda Activa 125

Distance to Empty

Honda Activa has a range of features. This also has real-time fuel efficiency and also the distance to empty. When it comes to a scooter like the Activa this feature is good as you can be carefree while riding. The Activa is priced at Rs 96,902 (on-road, Mumbai).

TVS Apache RR310

TVS Apache RR310 got an update which included a new digital console. This added the distance to empty feature. It also added rider modes new colour themes which go with these modes. The TVS Apache RR310 is priced at Rs 2,93,833 (on-road, Mumbai).

Distance to Empty

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