Petrol and diesel are like ticking time bomb. Their reserves are going to deplete someday. As of now, in 2021 we see a major shift towards electric at least in the future policies of a lot of car manufacturers. Switching to electric does not mean that cars with internal combustion engines will go out of action. There are some companies which are trying to make fuel which can run on regular IC engine without any alteration. These synthetic fuels could possibly replace petrol. Here is all you need to know about Synthetic Fuels.

What is Synthetic Fuel made of?

Synthetic fuels or e-fuel being researched by using hydrogen-based compounds. Companies like Porsche are claiming that the fuels will be available for testing from 2022.  It is made from a blend of bio fuels made from hydrogen and captured CO2. It is said that a car running on e-fuel or synthetic fuels will be as clean as an electric car.

Fuel Pump Round Figure

Safer and Cleaner

E-Fuels or synthetic fuels are expected to run cleaner and have lower emissions. So they could lead to lower carbon emissions. Now you might be thinking of hydrogen fuel cell which is also a green energy source. The problem with hydrogen is that as a sole element it is quite dangerous and needs a completely different type of engine to make power from it. It can not run right off the bat on a internal combustion engine.

RE Himalayan Fuel

Infrastructure simplicity

Shifting to synthetic fuels will be easy and cost-effective. They would pump out the same way as regular fuels do. Also, the transition might be smooth because of this flexibility.

fuel Guage

When will it come to India

Well as of now no research about these synthetic fuels is taking place in India. Also, the testing of these fuels is being done to run on a high-performance engine. If the commercial testing is going to start in 2022 we still have time to expect fuel to come to India.

Fuel Pump Night

As of now for Indians flex fuels are the only hope. To know more about flex fuels – Read here –

Flex Fuel to Solve Indian Fuel Crises

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  • Do you think this will keep gas cars on the road for years to come even know theirs electric cars. I hope it will so we can have a mix of things and still have liquid fuels.