Who doesn’t like sunroofs? Well, some manufacturers don’t. Here are a few disadvantages of sunroofs which you should know. Also, hear about why these manufacturers avoid providing sunroofs even on their flagship cars.

Weight Gain

Using a sunroof leads to weight gain in cars. A panoramic sunroof might be somewhere about 30kgs in weight which is a lot. Adding so much weight at the top of the vehicle is not good as it could affect the handling.

Panoramic Sunroof

Apart from this, it does not add to the structural rigidity. More about this later where we explain how split roofs help.

AC load

A lot of manufacturers avoid using sunroof as it works in the opposite way an AC is supposed to. It amplifies the sunlight and heat inside the car. This eventually leads to the AC to work harder.

Disadvantages of Sunroof - AC load

This excess load on the AC might lead to damage to the compressor and more frequent AC service. It is advised that even if you are using the AC with the open sunroof just keep it on manual and low temp which will not lead to the load on the compressor.

Safety Hazard

Safety is compromised in a lot of aspects when a car has a sunroof. Apart from hampering the structural rigidity of the vehicle it also acts as a potential hazard. A lot of time people tend to peak out of the sunroof of driving a car. Although you can fit through the sunroof you are not safe poking your head out of a moving car. This is the same as putting your head out of the window.

Child Hazard Disadvantages of Sunroof (5)

A lot of people think that this does not have the hazard of oncoming traffic but you should always remember that there is a hazard of the stray objects from lories or stones that might be flung by nearby vehicles.

Structural Rigidity

A lot of manufacturers make the structural rigidity of the car better by providing a pillar under the sunroof assembly. We should not underestimate the fact that a sunroof is actually a hole in the metal of a vehicle which will eventually affect rigidity.

Disadvantages of Sunroof (4)

Also, they do not have any function in making the car drive better. Now you might ask the question how do safe cars also have a sunroof. Well, it does not completely make the car unsafe but if you put it against a car that does not have a sunroof it surely is.

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