Honda Activa electric is a an expectation that we have from Honda since a lot of mainstream manufacturers have entered the EV space. In this article we are going take a look at some of the Honda Activa Electric expectation that may have been developed because of the entry of certain good electric scooter in India.

Basics Idea of Honda Activa Electric

Honda Activa Electric will exists because of the strong Activas brand name. This has been synonymous with good scooter in the market. Now the Electric Activa will have a different instrument cluster a slightly tweaked design and a lighter body. It will for sure look futuristic. Will this be liked by people is another aspect and we can not comment on it at the moment.

Inspiration from Rivals

If we look at the EV scooter industry right now there a lot of entrants in this space and some of these scooters are from brands which compete with Honda Activa in the IC market. Now Bajaj is Chetak is a competition to the Honda Activa Electric. From the Chetak the Activa Electric could gets some styling ques. Also the name Chetak is a revived name. Let us know in the comments what could Honda revive with the Honda Activa Electric Scooter.


TVS iQube is also a rival to the Honda Activa as the price of the Activa electric might fall in the same range. These scooter might compete in terms of range. Other than this the Honda Activa electric might come with digital instrument cluster. It will have all LED lights at the front and rear. These will be brighter and also have less load on the battery.

Other Honda Activa expectations include a disc brake at front along with a 10-inch tyre. there will be telescopic suspension which will also help to tackle bumps better. At the rear we might see adjustable suspension. One interesting thing about the Honda Activa Electric is that it will feel a bit planted because of the low center of gravity created because of the battery.

Now we take a look at Ather450X we can consider it one of the most sophisticated electric scooter in the market. Activa will have an expectation to provide that level of crisp acceleration and quality of materials.

Key Features on Honda Activa Electric

As an effort to set Activa apart from other scooters, Honda might give it swappable batteries. Currently the problem with swappable batteries is that they are heavy and do not provide very high range. None of the Major Scooter brands provide swappable batteries.

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