Bajaj Pulsar is quite famous in India as an affordable sports bike. While there are enthusiasts versions of the bike available, we are here focusing on the Bajaj Pulsar 125 to Bajaj Pulsar 220. For people looking for a powerful trusty bike, the Bajaj Pulsar is a great choice. It is also one of the largest selling Bajaj bikes in our country. Find out below about the missing features on the Bajaj Pulsar.

One Bajaj Pulsar for every Indian rider

Dual-Channel ABS


Safety has become a very important vehicle buying parameter in India. Dual-channel ABS also help a lot in this department. The Bajaj Pulsar we talking about sadly does not come with this. Competition in this segment is only getting tougher and Dual-channel ABS is a must-have feature now.

Gear Position Indicator

Kawasaki Z650 BS6 - top view

The recent sports bikes have increased the overall standards in the segment. The gear position indicator is one novelty feature that you won’t use regularly but is very much helpful if present. Newer bikes in the segment come with this feature and Bajaj Pulsar should also definitely have it.

New Alloy Wheel Design

Missing features on the Bajaj Pulsar

The newer Bajaj Pulsar lineup which has launched for the enthusiast in our country come with a distinctive looking alloy wheel design. The same should be provided with the cheaper Pulsars as well. New alloy wheel designs add a new look to the bike without costing very much. More about Missing features on the Bajaj Pulsar below.

Updated Headlights with LED

Missing features on the Bajaj Pulsar

The current generation Bajaj’s Pulsar front look though modern, feels quite a bit dated. Bajaj can improve here with updated headlights and LED DRLs. Competition in the segment is quite fierce and attractive looking and Bajaj should not take a chance.

New Exhaust Design and Rear Mono-shock suspension

Missing features on the Bajaj Pulsar

The exhaust design on the Pulsar also demands an update now. The inclusion of rear mono-shock suspension will greatly increase the ride comfort of the bike. People will pay an extra price if Bajaj includes the above missing features in the bike. The Bajaj Pulsar is a great value for money but Bajaj will have to update the bike regularly with decent features to keep attracting customers.

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