We know there are still people out there thinking that the Mercedes C-Class Convertible will get a folding hardtop instead of a fabric/canvas roof.
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 Well, to all of those we like to say; your wrong.

We can show you the real fabric roof for the first time since we found a prototype that was parked without any camo on the roof like on the previous prototypes. The C-Class Convertible is in the making for a while, and we can expect it to be launched next year. The C-Class was launched in Europe in 2014 and since then the C-Class has been launched in several other avatars like AMG, Estate etc.

Mercedes C Cabrio 2

The GLC-Class that is also based on the C-Class was unveiled and now launched in Europe.
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The C-Class Convertible will be coming with the same engine options and it will become a good option to pick for those who are looking at an entry-level convertible from Mercedes-Benz.

The cars in the back are also Mercedes-Benz and Andreas has got some close up images of the C-Class Convertible for us.
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The new C-Class Convertible will be making its way into India next year it seems so. We already have the AMG-spec and the regular C-Class.


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