Today the new Innova facelift has been launched for the year 2020. It gets a few updates and most of these are cosmetics. Also, the price difference is not much as the 2020 Toyota Innova now starts at a price of Rs 16.26 lakh. So lets take a look at what has changed in this new 2020 Innova Facelift over the old Innova?


Now the 2020 Innova Facelift cost Rs 16.26 lakh and its price goes up to almost Rs 24.33 lakh. The pre-facelift model of the MPV started at about Rs 15.7 lakhs and the price has not increased much. So what has changed on the new Toyota Innova?

Design Change

old vs new

In terms of the overall design, the car has not changed. The front has some change on the bumper and grille. Compared to the old model it gets a new Bold Trapezoidal Piano Black Grille with Chrome Surround. Also, the bumper design is sharper than the previous model.

New Alloy Wheels

The 2020 Innova facelift get new allow wheels which do add to the refreshed look. These new wheels are the same in size and have the same profile tyre. Also the lower variants of the car do not get the option of alloy wheels.

allow wheels

Moving to the variants, the 2020 Innova facelift still gets 3 variants and 2 engine options. The variants are G, V and Z. Depending on the engine option it becomes X for petrol and D for diesel. The There has been no change in that and if you want to know more about the variants in detail then take a look at – Toyota considering Petrol variants for Fortuner Innova

Tech Improvements

new features

The 2020 Innova Facelift gets the major improvement in tech now. Although it requires a 360 camera it still does not get it in this facelift. What Toyota has chosen to give is a front parking sensor which they call ‘Front clearance sonar (with MID Indication) for improved safety’. Also, the facelift gets all-new Smart Playcast touchscreen audio with Android Auto/Apple Carplay.

interiors Safety 2020 Innova

Also to improve the interior seating feel of the vehicle to even more premium the to ZX variant gets a Camel Tan colour upholstry. The while body panels and the camel tan upholstery make the car feel even airier.

New colour

Innova india

Lastly, there is a new colour on the 2020 Innova facelift called the Sparkling Black Crystal Shine. This is like the cherry on top for all the people who wanted to have black innova. Lets hope that we see and all-black modification of the 2020 Innova facelift soon!


Also, take a look at the upgrades that are available on the Toyota Innova. Would you like to read more about it? Let us know in the comments below!

Accesories 2020 toyota Innova

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