ACs are one of the most-comfort providing inventions for humanity. Especially in hot and humid weather like India, ACs are one of the most compulsory features in a car, which is a small cramped up space with many passengers. Though, during the coming winters ACs will be used a lot less, find out below signs which indicate your car AC should be checked.

1) AC doesn’t blow cold air

The most simple to detect issue is no/less cold air output from your car AC.  Regular service and maintenance go a long way to keep all the car accessories in good health.  Checking your AC gas top, and  AC compressor may turn out to be a solution for reduced air conditioner performance.

2) Compressor Clutch not working

The most expensive equipment in your car AC assembly is the compressor. Its clutch allows you to engage and disengage the pulley to extract power from the engine, whenever required.  A failed equipment can leave the compressor permanently activated or de-activated.  Replacing the compressor in an old car may prove to be the most expensive equipment for your machine.

3) Circuit breaker tripping

Signs indicate AC checked

The circuit breaker’s main job is to cut off the electric flow to prevent overheating of the system.  When an AC’s compressor gets very weak and extracts too much power, the circuit breaker keeps tripping to prevent overheating. The tripping of the circuit breaker is among the major signs of a failing car AC. More about Signs which indicate AC should be checked below.

4) Leaking Refrigerant

Signs indicate AC checked

This is the most common AC failing symptom that you can notice by yourself. Your car’s AC compressor may build up leaks over time which can result in moisture loss.  This leads to the system working inefficiently thus leading to a potential health hazard.

5) Strange Odours

city 4th AC

If you experience sudden strange odours when you operate the car AC, it may indicate particle buildup inside the AC vents. Dust and other pollutants can easily block the vents, thus preventing free flow and leading to over-worked compressor.  If you notice the same problem, multiple time get the vents cleaned quickly before the compressor breaks down and you incur a huge loss/expense.

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