The Toyota Innova Facelift has been finally been unveiled in the Indonesian market. This same design is expected to make it to India for the 2021 model. Toyota has been working on this for a long time and there will be some improvements to this best selling MVP of theirs. As a customer of the 2021 Toyota Innova Facelift here is all that you might see in it.

Toyota Innova Facelift Exterior

New Kijang Innova Luxary

The exterior of the car has the almost same shape. There aren’t any drastic design line changed on this car. This way Toyota does not want to suddently change the MVP that people have always loved and look up to. As you can see above the rear has lesser chrome elements than before. Still for india we expect Toyota to not cut so much on chrome.

The front of the car was still gets the chrome grille. The car also gets a different shape for the grille too. The image of the car say Kijang as internationally the car is called the Kijan Innova. For India it will be called as the Innova Crysta.

Toyota gives the new Innova chrome work for the headlights. The LED daytime running lights will also have different design. The sporty apeal of the vehicle will be enhanced with black elements. It will have an enhanced bumper and blacked out chin section with faux silver skid plate. Also the fog lights will have a redesign.

new alloy wheels

Wheels also have a new 16 inch alloy wheels. They will be finished in silver. The black will be reserved for the TRD variants. Some of the top trims of the cars will have diamond cut allow wheels.


Interiors have not been changed much. There is new AC module and the infotainment system has been revised much. The car also has eco mode and power mode buttons which suggest that there will be driver modes. The instrument cluster remains the same as before.

Innova facelift interiors

The 2021 Toyota Innova Facelift will also have 6 seat layout with captain seats for the middle row. The 7 seat version will be available on the lower version.


The 2021 Toyota Innova Facelift launch has no official timeline. It is expected to come by next year but we will have to wait for toyota’s official launch statement for this car. For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane Youtube, Google NEWS, Facebook and Twitter. We also have a car consultancy service – Know more


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