Car modifications are not very popular in India. While the aftermarket equipment market is quite strong, the same cannot be said about modifications to the exterior of the car. But some enthusiasts are present who love to stand apart. Find out below about Hyundai Creta modified into Range Rover.

First looks

Creta SX front Grill
Seeing the car for the first time, you may note that it is a base/mid-spec variant of the 2020 Hyundai Creta. Now the 2020 Hyundai Creta is already a sweet looking car but this modification does help it stand out.  There are subtle modifications made which increase the overall styling of the SUV. One more thing, that you will notice is that it is a recently bought new car. Maybe the owner always had a plan to do this.

creta modified rear

The first thing which will stand out in this SUV is the satin wrap on the exteriors of the car. Though it may be hard to maintain, it surely makes the car stand out.  Hyundai Creta is a hugely popular car, and one of the downsides to it is that you get lost in the herd. However, this Creta will always stand out from the crowd. The Gloss black parts add a much-needed contrast on the other areas of the car. More about Hyundai Creta modified into Range Rover below.

More about Modification

creta modified front

After you look closely, you realize that the front grille of the Hyundai Creta has been replaced by a honeycomb design one with gloss black finish.  The wing mirror and rear end also gets gloss black touches to it.  There are Range Rover-ish Oval badges on the front grille and boot lid of the SUV. One more unique thing is that the owner did not use the full Range Rover badging. The SUV only has ROVER badging on it.  Thus the owner has nailed it between the fine line between inspiration and copy. Aftermarket alloy wheels also make the car look spectacular.

Engine and Performance

It is still not clear if the owner has made any changes to the performance of the car. The interior look has also yet not been revealed by the owner of the car. The stock 2020 Hyundai Creta is offered with three engine options giving the customers much-needed choice. Different transmission options are also available with different engine options.  The rear of the car looks sporty and unique as well.

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