Mercedes Benz T-Class will get a new car in its line up soon. This will be a van type MPV. To know more about how it has been developing and will it replace any other car in the lineup read the complete article. Also, there is information about its launch other details


This new addition of the T-Class is expected in flesh by 2022. The car will be unveiled soon as the teaser for the same is out now. As you can see below in the teaser it clearly looks like a van and it has the iconic Mercedes van looks.



This van will be a successor to the Vaneo. It has been developed jointly and is a product of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. The body is new but the underpinnings of the vehicle are the same as the new-gen Renault Kangoo.

Now, this T-Class Mercedes will be placed below the V-Class. It also will be for the private customers and the fleet market might not see it.

Mercedes’s Word

“The T-Class will meet the needs of families and leisure-oriented people at an attractive price-value ratio,” says Mercedes. This said it will also have the luxury bits of the Mercedes.  Do watch the video of the Mercedes V-class that we had done a few years back. It surely seems like an office on wheels.

Expected Features

The cabin of the T-Class will be made in mind with comfort but also affordability. It will have classic Van like sliding doors. Although these won’t be electrically assisted. The powertrain of the Mercedes Benz T-Class is not out yet but it is expected to also have an EV along with the regular IC engines.

Mercedes Benz T-Class

Now the Renault Kangoo EV has a 150 km range with 59 bhp but we expect that Mercedes might bring in some of their EV engines for this or the battery might be swapped for a bigger one giving it a better range.

For the question of whether it will come to India? The answer is still under wraps. We can’t tell for sure if this is the small Mercedes that comes to India or not? But let us know in the comments what will you do with a luxury van? For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane Youtube, Google NEWS, Facebook and Twitter.


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