Although Royal Enfield buyers buy their bikes for their Thump every owner wants his bike to be unique. What more could make the bike unique than the sound that it makes? 16 Royal Enfield Silencer have been introduced on the website. Know more about them further


Royal Enfield Silencer

The price of the silencer range starts from Rs 3300 and the most expensive comes at Rs 3600. The main price differs according to the design and colours the person selects. Also, the price is much affordable for an alternative which is emissions and noise compliant.


There is either an option of a complete black or complete chrome for each Royal Enfield Silencer. One can also select a different end cap colour. The black ones are matte black and really will go with the new matte black colour. But these exhausts are not compatible with BS6 bikes. Still, there are a lot of BS3 or BS4 vehicles which can avail this offer.

Royal Enfield Silencer

In all there 16 options to select from which included various designs like straight-cut, slash-cut and tapered. One thing to keep in mind these Royal Enfield Silencers are not full system exhaust so the bike still remains road legal. Do check if the warranty is intact before you buy the exhaust. The exhaust also reduces the weight by 40%.


The installation of the Royal Enfield Silencer has to be done at the nearest dealership. This is also where the person has to place the order for. There is no provision to buy the exhaust online which might be a let down in this COVID situation.

Royal Enfield Silencer

The only problem is that the BS6 models are not a complaint. This makes us wonder if there is more coming for the BS6 models? Do give a look at the complete collection of Exhaust by clicking here. For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane Youtube, Google NEWS, Facebook and Twitter


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