Honda has launched the 5th-Gen Honda City for the base price of Rs 10.89 lakhs. With the price extending up to Rs 14.70 lakhs for the topmost variant. There are a total of 9 5th-Gen Honda City Variants. Let’s get to know about all the variants in detail.

There are 3 variants on offer in all the 2 powertrains and 2 gearbox options. The 3 variants are -V, VX  and ZX. There is a 1.5-litre diesel engine and a 1.5-litre petrol engine. The Automatic CVT is seen with the petrol engine.

Honda CIty Variants

5th-Gen Honda City Variants

V Variant

This is the base variant. The petrol manual variant is priced at Rs 10,89,900. The price goes on increasing for the diesel variants, the diesel variant is seen with only manual transmission and is priced at Rs 12,39,900. The Automatic is the most optimum choice at Rs 12,19,900. The V variant is seen with ALEXA connectivity and telematics.

5th-Gen Honda City Safety

There is no safety compromise with 4 i-SRS airbags even on the base variant. There is hill descent control and the TPMS offered for added safety. Rear parking sensors are given but it does not get a camera and the visual parking aid.


In terms of the features offered it is tightly packed. It does miss out on the automatic headlights and instead gets projector setup. There is basic seat adjustment for the driver which includes height but there is no electronic assist on this variant. Body colour panels come standard right form this variant.

VX Variant

The VX variant starts with the manual Petrol engine config is priced at Rs 12,25,900. This price puts it before the base diesel variant and makes it a choice for the people who are okay with the Manual and want some of the features on the VX variant. The Automatic variant is priced at Rs 13,55,900. With Rs 20,000 you can get the diesel manual in VX variant at Rs 13,75,900.

5th-Gen Honda City Hill

The safety is increased on this variant with side curtain airbags. The headlight of the vehicle gets automatic control. There is an added benefit of the auto-dimming mirror. This is the variant is where you get the sunroof. Also, the 8 speaker sound system is offered along with a 17-inch touchscreen display.

5th-Gen Honda City Infotainment2

Convenience features include walk away lock and proximity sensors. The rear seat comfort is also enhanced in this variant with the added backseat lamps and smartphone holders. The driver is also offered convenience buttons on the steering wheel which do not let him take eyes off the road. All these are in addition to that of the features offered on the V variant. You can watch the complete video of the launch here!

ZX variant

This is the top of the line variant but still, the Petrol manual is priced at Rs 13,14,900 which is cheaper than the VX variant with the automatic CVT. It gets a full 9 LED system and the L-shaped turn indicators. There is a lane watch camera which is a provisional measure which alerts the driver about the lane distance.

5th-Gen Honda City VSA

The ZX variant is more towards the small addition to the car which increases its value. Like the chrome handles and the premium upholstery. More functions are provided like the keyless sunroof and the windows. Also, a rear sunshade is provided to improve luxury.

The Topmost variant is the diesel manual priced at Rs 14,64,900. This is just Rs 20,000 more to the Petrol Automatic Ar Rs 14,44,900. According to us having an automatic in the topmost variant makes it a great deal to pic. Also, the price of the Automatic is justified only if it delivers the claimed fuel efficiency.

5th-Gen Honda City Headlamps

In terms of connectivity, all of them are equal with the difference of speakers on the lowest variant. 5th-Gen Honda City Variants have provided a great choice for the customers and this might be a strong competition to the Hyundai Verna.

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