Ather Energy, a Bangalore based company recently released a seventh OTA update for its electric scooter named Ather450. It has not become a 450cc scooter though!! With the update, the company aims to bring improved visibility of the dashboard and an enhanced night-riding experience. Both of the features were much needed and serve as a delight to the customers. Find details below about Ather Update 450 2020

First improvement- Dark Theme

Ather 450 dark theme update

With dark theme becoming the new normal starting Android 10, don’t worry we won’t be talking about tech here, Ather added a dark theme option for its scooter’s dashboard. Riders can manually decide between Dark and Light theme or set it to Auto which automatically uses the dark theme between 6 pm and 6 am. Ather claims that the new theme reduces the amount of light on the screen and eases the strain on the eyes, for a distraction-free comfortable ride at night.

Second improvement- Smart Scooter

Ather 450 smart feature

Ather also has included a ‘Save Previous Riding Mode’ with the dark theme update. This new feature automatically selects the previously-used riding mode when started afresh. Some other bugs have also been removed and the on-screen keyboard also has been updated to make it more responsive according to the sources.

Quick highlights about Ather Update 450 2020

ather Comparison

Ather has only two products for offer now, the 450 Plus and 450X. Prices start at Rs.1.49 and Rs.1.59 lakh respectively. Various subscription, as well as leasing options, are available for the interested riders. Coming to the performance, the 450 Plus produces 7.4bhp of max power and 22Nm of max torque. The 450X, on the other hand, produces a max power of 8bhp and a max torque of 26Nm.  The Ather 450 Plus promises a range of 70kms while the 450X comes with a claimed range of 85kms on a full charge. The company values its customers and strives to improve the customer experience as far as possible. 

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