There has been news of the Bajaj Chetak Electric Bookings being resumed. Read this article to get a complete insight on this fake news about the bookings of the Bajaj Chetak electric being resumed.

Why was it Suspended?

The bookings of the Bajaj Chetak Electric were suspended on the COVID-19 situation. This was because the whole auto industry was put on hold. The company has suspended the production of the vehicle temporarily. Also to add to this the demand for the Bajaj Chetak Electric was also high to be fulfilled with the slack in production.

What caused the Fake News?

So if a person searches on the surface of the internet there have been reports which state that the Bajaj Website states that the bookings are open. As shown below on the Bajaj website it shows that the Bajaj Chetak bookings are open.

Bajaj Chetak

These news reports of the vehicle state that the Bajaj Chetak Electric can be booked online. So to check we registered ourselves to check the booking amount. This led us to a page which shows that the booking of the vehicle is currently suspended. “Due to Government guidance on Covid-19, manufacture of Chetak has currently stopped. If you have made a booking, you shall receive a confirmation on email. New bookings are currently suspended.”

bajaj Chetak

So to further check this we called the showroom to check further. On further investigating we found that the bookings of the vehicle have not been started yet. This concludes that the report on the Bajaj Chetak Bookings to be resumed is not real but it is highly possible to misunderstand because of the messages on the website.


It is expected that the bookings of the Bajaj Chetak Electric will be resumed only after the production of the scooter has been resumed. We expect Bajaj to resume production soon.


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